Bad News

A lone college boy waits with a note in his Housemaster’s study. This is never a good start to any day! The lad concerned (Richard Hicks) has been misbehaving yet again in Miss Brown’s class. The dreaded note contains all the details of his frequent misdemeanours.


His Housemaster can’t let if pass again unpunished and the lad is ordered to bend over his desk. A good caning is in order, starting on his tight grey shorts all the way down to his bare bottom.


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After this of course a good spanking, richly deserved by this cheeky little whipper-snapper!







By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Bad News”
  1. I love watching young Richard being punished! He has an air of mischief about him which, combined with his boyish stature, makes him perfect for the role of a naughty schoolboy which he fulfils so well! Not to mention that beautifully rounded and very cheeky bottom!

    No messing about here! Into the office, off with his blazer and straight over the desk! And what a thrashing he gets, laid on with all Marco’s customary severity and skill! At Richard’s age, I would not have wanted my bottom thrashed by this man, who surely knows his job when it comes to laying on a caning! That much is obvious from Richard’s agonised facial expressions as his bare, hairless bum becomes striped like a tiger-skin under the not-so-tender ministrations of that horribly supple cane!

    Just a couple of issues. It is always a delight to watch a boy being disciplined in figure-hugging grey school shorts, but I still think the ones Richard is wearing would stand a few inches being cut off them – senior boys look so smart and smackable in short shorts! The other little point (I know it’s one of my hobby-horses, so please forgive me if you don’t agree) is that one of the things I look forward to when Richard gets smacked is the moment he has to take his trousers down and reveal what colour underpants he’s wearing. From seeing the lad spanked in previous clips, his pants-drawer is evidently stocked with a goodly selection of brightly coloured briefs and we’ve never seen him get a spanking in the same colour underpants twice. His choice of white boxers on this occasion seems completely out of character, which makes me wonder if he was presented with them to wear for this film. Either way, the tight coloured boxer-briefs we normally see him in enhance the roundness of his buttocks so much better and make him look so very much more spankable – only a thought. Coloured underpants under grey school shorts is for me THE wardrobe combination made in Spankers’ Heaven!

    No Sting tanning would be complete without a good spanking and, laid on with the strong-armed Marco’s hard hand over the burning red weals left by the punishing strokes of that whippy rattan rod, the smacks must be hurting as poor little Richard, bare as the day he was born apart from his socks, is laid over the knee – for me, the optimum position for the humiliating discipline of a naughty boy! And Richard clearly is a very naughty one!

    I’m sure there would be a young man sleeping on his tummy the ensuing night – and for all us fans of those gorgeous, pert-bottomed Stinglads, I hope not for the last time!

    1. Hi Dr van Spanking, thanks for the comment, which I am sure Sting will read with interest. I am glad you enjoyed this video.

      With regarde to Richard’s pants, I am aware you prefer colourful ones, and I am sure we will see Richard and other naughty boys in coloured pants again soon. However, Sting does try to cater to many tastes, and there are a lot of spanking fans who love tightie whiteys, so it is only fair to please them from time to time too!!

  2. Point taken, Bruce – I guessed that was the case and I do understand how tastes differ and the first two comments about this great little clip make that clear. I wouldn’t want to tread on any toes.

    I still would like to see some thought given to the length of shorts, if Sting would consider that. There ar several blogs that are devoted to school uniforms particularly in South African and Australian schools.The first thing that strikes you is how short the big lads’ shorts are and how spankable they look wearing them!

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