The video Preview for

Bad News

Starring Richard Hicks and Marco

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Bad News – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Bad News – in Standard Definition


Sting Pictures


Title 2257

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Video Preview for “Bad News””
  1. More good news than bad as Richard Hicks gives his best performance to date in my opinion. He has become a firm favourite amongst Sting’s more youthful models. I hope we see a lot more of him in the productions to come from the new studio.

  2. I love the comment above and agree! May I also give a shout out to the very sexy pants/underwear around the ankles! Mmm delicious.

  3. Richard is indeed a good model with a very spankable bottom. Fully concur with the comment regarding the splendid underwear etc.
    It is a great pity Marco decided to only half heartedly cane him. He does now seem to be very kind to boys bottoms when using an implement on them.
    The spanking scene though was a lot better.

    1. With respect Michael, I don’t agree that the caning was “half hearted”, it was quite a hard caning and Richard was left with some red cane marks. I know there are some very brutal sites out there, and Sting does not go to that extreme, but this caning was as hard as you will see in most videos, and harder than many.

  4. comments noted but differ in my view .
    I don’t watch hard/brutal sites.
    I have most of the Sting downloads going back some 15 years and there are many harder canings than that on this download
    Sorry to disagree

  5. Sting is usually “just right” for me in terms of the severity, but I wish all of the boys were as vocal as Richard!

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