Bad Prefect 


College Prefect, Peter (Joey Whyte) just doesn’t seem to like one younger student Jimmy (Elliot Holman) and does his best to catch him out whenever he can. Jimmy is a nice lad and gets on with most people but for some reason he can’t seem to impress this particular prefect.

It all comes to a head when the Prefect catches up with him in the common room study area. Peter decides to give Jimmy a good spanking for being cheeky there and then.



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Jimmy a good spanking for being cheeky there and then. He then follows the spanking with a slippering having the boy bend right over and taking it on his just spanked and now sore bare bottom.





Peter is being pretty mean to Jimmy but its at this moment the Housemaster (Marco) enters the scene. He annoyed that Peter is unjustly taking advantage of his rank and orders him to his study.

It looks like this Bad Prefect is about to get his comeuppance!!


In part 2 the tables are turned on peter and a painful and embarrassing way!

By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Bad Prefect (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. This film is an instant favorite of mine! Classic! What brilliant work! If only the novel “Tom Brown’s School Days” had a scene like this. In fact I do think Joey would make a most excellent Flashman and Elliot a perfect Tom Brown. Having been horribly bullied throughout my entire school years, the bully getting his just deserts is my absolute favorite scenario. Hearing Joey say “Please, no more” and Marco answer “don’t you please me” – Perfect. Elliot’s enjoyment – wonderful. But when Marco said “Face the Jimmy” I literally clapped my hands in applause! As always Marco is an artist and a naughty boy’s backside his canvas! Cannot thank Sting enough for this gem.

  2. Agreed another fine production.
    Young Elliot makes a fine schoolboy with a very spankable bottom – made for the slipper.
    Joey White is an excellent prefect who as usual takes hard discipline.

  3. Joey is just delicious… Yummy yummy. So exciting seeing him feature. I did liked Joey’s OTK I liked the dialogue with Joey and the way Joey was kind of refusing to remove his underwear (so delighted with that part) which by the way his underwear was perfectly fit nice and tight – the way they should be. Joey’s acting is getting better and his playing the roles more reluctantly which is great refusing to do as ask etc. I’d love to see Joey in a home/domestic setting as Joey has made a lot of school/college themes. I’d also like Joey to get some “RAPID FIRE” and how interesting would it be to to see Joey finally in the wheelbarrow position at some point – imagine how hot that would be. 😁

  4. This is spanking filming perfection, Sting at its best, hardly falling as someone suggested last week, Incidentally where are those dissenters with some positive comments now and again.

  5. My, my! That little monkey Elliot is just far too cute and cheeky for his own good! He puts me in mind a lot of one or two of the other really cute little lads we’ve had in Sting videos like the delightfully cheeky James Bruce, or the delectably spankable young Aaron Alton. And Elliot, as well as making a perfect naughty boy, shares with them the characteristic of a fantastically pert, well-rounded bottom that is in perfect proportion with the rest of his beautifully boyish physique! A spanker’s dream – I hope Joey realises how lucky he is – to manage to get in a thoroughly good smacking and slippering across Elliot’s deliciously perky backside and to be able to lay him over his knee into the bargain before he is caught and Marco brings his heavy hand to bear on the situation! Great as ever to see Joey bending over the knee in his close-fitting underpants – as readers of my comments will know well, white briefs don’t always do it for me, but they certainly do when Joey is wearing them! More of Elliot, please – a lot more!! And please, please, PLEASE could we have the pleasure of seeing him smacked in coloured underpants on a future occasion? I’m sure that, as a modern teenage boy, he will wear coloured pants -please let us see it!


  6. I agree, from the bottom of my heart, with Jacob – Joey Whyte is a total FAVORITE of mine – please get this actor back! These film is one of my absolute favorites!

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