Bad Prefect

Scene two: The Bad Prefect gets his well deserved comeuppance


In the Housemaster’s study the tables have now turned, after bullying young Jimmy it’s Prefect Peter’s turn to go over the knee for a long hard spanking.



Peter doesn’t know that his earlier victim is listening to everything, but he’ll soon find out!


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The Housemaster makes sure that Peter really feels the spanking



Both Peter’s ego and his bare bottom may be stinging now, but both are about to sting a lot more

Its the invitation of young Jimmy to observe his caning that’s going to be the most humiliating part of his punishment.

His bare bottom punishment being observed this way by his victim will hurt arrogant young Peter just as much as the Housemaster’s cane.

Jimmy, on the other hand, enjoyed every minute!



Peter is shamed, humiliated and furious

But all he can do is rub his sore bottom, know that a giggling Jimmy is running off to tell everyone what happened


Joey Whyte plays Peter the Bad Prefect

Elliott Holman plays Jimmy


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube shortly


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Bad Prefect – in Standard Definition


Bad Prefect – in 1080p Extra High Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Bad Prefect (Part 2 of 2) – including Video Preview”
  1. This is the perfect recipe for a truly satisfying spanking story. Faultless direction, editing and production, perfect story line and ideal cast.

  2. JOEY WHYTE is for me a Sting Superstar! He has it all and never fails to delight. Love him as a top to no lesser degree as a bottom . He is constant steamy male beauty from head to toe. Something Ive always yearned to see is Joey playing top but in minimal clothing. Perhaps a shirtless rugby captain with very tight short shorts. Perhaps a swimming coach in a silky tight speedo wacking his boys while they crawl between his beautiful legs or bend with their heads between his legs. While I do enjoy all the tops in their own way its nice to have that GORGEOUS TOP option ideal for certain sport, gym or domestic themes whereby the top can be half naked. Joey should be used more often for such roles. I think one of the things that makes James Holt a hot top is his hot body. A hot top adds a wondrous erotic heat to most spanking scenarios. So PLEASE lets see more of Joey (wearing much tighter pants) playing top. ……and ofcourse bottom (always hot as a bottom). Perfect switch! Other than Joey I enjoyed the way ELLIOT HOLMAN was bending and the way he took his spanking. He ofcourse could only be a bottom but perhaps he should wear shorter shorts and have a shorter shaved hair cut.

  3. Joey Whyte is good-looking, but in the past I thought his acting was a little too stoic. However, in this video I liked his acting. He actually seemed to be both hurt and humiliated by his punishment. His reluctance to remove his briefs was a nice touch, as was his looking daggers at Elliot Holman as Elliot witnessed Joey’s punishment. I liked this video

    Let me offer two suggestions that would make this video even better; you might want to incorporate these suggestions into future videos.

    One, when Joey initially said ‘No” when ordered to remove his briefs Marco would have grabbed Joey, pulled down Joey’s briefs himself, threw the lad over his lap, and proceeded with the bare-bottomed spanking. That would have been even more humiliating for Joey.

    Two, after Marco had finished caning Joey while Elliot watched, Joey would have started to put his clothes back on while Elliott was still in the room. However, just as Joey had put his briefs back on, Marco would say, “Wait! There is one last phase of the punishment.” Marco would pull out the chair again, tell Elliot to sit down, and order Joey to lie over Elliot’s lap. Joey would protest and was initially defiant, but Marco insisted. Joey, wearing only his briefs and shirt and tie, would reluctantly live over Elliott’s lap. Marco would then order Elliott to spank Joey just as hard as Joey spanked him. Elliott would gleefully give Joey a long, hard OTK spanking on the seat of his briefs. Joey would squirm, kick, grunt and groan while being spanked. After a while Marco would say “Now pull his pants down and spank his bare ass!” Joey would defiantly say “No! Fuck no!” and squirm over Elliott’s lap, but Marco would insist. Elliott can barely suppress his laughter as he pulls Joey’s briefs down in back and proceeds to spank the prefect’s bare bottom. Joey squirms, kicks, grunts and groans even more intensely than before, and curses as well. Marco then orders Elliott to spank Joey even harder than before because Joey was using profanity. Elliott gleefully obeys Marco. Joey is hurt and humiliated so badly at this point that he is on the verge of whimpering and crying.

  4. I became a fan of Sting’s work through your CFNM brand videos, but I have to confess that I am also becoming an avid follower of your exclusively male on male offerings. I particularly enjoyed this one. Elliot who plays Jimmy is a sweet enough boy, but what I found delicious was seeing the tables turned on the good looking, but sadistic, prefect (played so well by the enchanting Joey Whyte)

    As has been mentioned by others, his surly reluctance to surrender his underpants and his ultimate humiliation when the master (Marco) invites little Jmmy come in and watch his shaming were blissful, and the very height of erotica, all portrayed so well by your cast of characters.

    Sting has it all, skilled direction and photography, unmatched production values, and to top it off a wicked and sadistic sense of humour.

    This was delightful.

  5. One of my favorite Joey videos, it’s hot to see him get such a humiliating comeuppance. “Pants on Fire” was another great one.

    What happend to “Angry Dad’s The Delinquents” where Joey’s a skateborder? That seems to have have vanished from this blog and the Sting website.

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