Bad Sport

A sporty lad (new StingLad Denis Skala) is in trouble and has been reported to his Housemaster. There had been an altercation on the football field and the boy had reacted very baldy, in fact in a most sportsmanlike way! Another boy had been slightly injured resulting in the aforesaid visit to his Housemaster.

As far as his housemaster is concerned there is only one way to deal with this type of behavior and that’ll be a spanking, right down to the lads bare bottom.


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This time though that won’t be the end of it! It won’t be over till the boy is singing painfully to the sound of the leather strap, scorching his already well spanked bare bottom!

Introducing Denis Skala




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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Bad Sport”
  1. I am very taken with the new lad Denis. In terms of what they call the “whole package” — face, body, distinctly masculine features — he’s fairly close to a 10 out of 10 in my book. The underwear around his knees and waddling over to the wall was the cherry on top of a very scrumptious cake for me. There is no question that this is a strong debut from a promising lad. I may disappoint some followers (and Sting administrators) when I confess that I am less thrilled by Kasper. He has an odd spanking technique that seems to entirely bypass the use of his wrists, causing him to do an impression of or “acting” of giving a proper spanking, thus making the punishment come off as sort of “lightweight.” No matter, the overall effect is wholly enticing and I would recommend this release without hesitation.

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