Cadet Harper

In the 12th Field Cavalry Regiment getting fit and learning to be an alert army cadet is all part of the training for the new recruits. The training sergeants are particularly alert themselves at this stage, as they don’t want their own training platoon cadets to fail their TEOET’s*.

It can reflect just as badly on their own capabilities as NCOs. Sergeant Stone has his own methods of maintaining army discipline of which a lazy cadet (Finn Harper) is about to find out!

Falling asleep and not being in proper charge of your equipment is a serious offense and a fully fledged soldier would almost certainly be on a charge if caught this way! So it was with Cadet Harper and now his Sergeant will make good use of the leather riding crop he always carries.


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Not to mention the flat of his stinging spanking hand on the cadets already sore and well rounded bare bottom!

It will take mpre than a dip in the river to take the sting out of that very deserving tail


*please note that due to filming outdoors the sound is a little quiet, so Sting have reduced the price




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Title 2257

*TOET’s = Tests Of Elementary Training

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Cadet Harper”
  1. Wow!! Those shorts – very revealing.
    Finn takes a good thrashing in this video and some of them looked as though they really hurt. Judging by the weals showing afterwards he deserved the cooling in the stream.
    Well done all at Sting but especially Finn.

  2. My, my! Young Finn is certainly being introduced to a variety of different approaches to discipline! We haven’t seen a riding crop taken to a boy’s bottom on Sting for a little while now – and what a punishment!

    It’s also a serious turn-on to see this drop-dead gorgeous young lad having to bend over in a good tight pair of very short shorts for a thrashing! High time we made the wearing of them compulsory for all boys his age!

    That riding-whip looks like one mean piece of kit!! I have one I use on my naughty boys but the one Finn is receiving across his cheeky bottom looks heavier and certainly seems to do more damage! Time for a trip to my nearest equestrian store, I think…

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