The Birching Table Part 2

The old birching table has been dusted down and fresh new birches soaked in brine have been made up. The duty officer, who’s job is it is to administer the discipline, is standing by note book in hand ready to carry out the sentence of the police court.

First on his list is Albert Higgins (Adam Black) This young offender has just caused a lot of trouble while serving his sentence. He is back in front of the Justice who is less than happy with his latest conduct. The Magistrate sentences Albert to a birching and to quell his childish behaviour a good spanking on his bare posterior to follow! He will return to prison with a very sore backside indeed.

If that isn’t humiliating enough, the punishment includes a ginger feaging



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in Part 2 a second miscreant is sentenced to a birching.




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Title 2257

By Bruce

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