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The Birching Table Part 2


Second on the list is a more senior lad, Arthur Rogers (James Holt) He is up before the court for theft. The sentence will be a birching this time as he has been warned several times before. However it has come to the Magistrates notice that he was very insolent during his custody period. This particular Justice is not at all amused and as with Higgins adds a spanking to Arthur’s sentence.



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A well deserved hard spanking on an already well birched bare bottom will be a scorching ordeal for this hapless villain.



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One thought on “The Birching Table 2 (Part 2 of 2) plus video Preview”
  1. Just birching then spanking a young man’s bare buttocks for theft is a very light punishment. It’s sad that we can’t birch them bare in public then put them on display in stocks sitting on their sore rumps any longer!

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