A second set of pictures from Sting’s latest download “BorstalCorrection 3 – More Bad reports” 
After his spanking, as Huntley positions himself over the back of a chair Huntley can feel his bottom glowing hot. It’s sore and very red but he can see the governor now has that nasty thin swishy rattan in his hand, much more worrying! As the stripes mount up on his firm backside, burning like hot wire, Huntley is re thinking his training strategy. Next month is definitely going to be better.





Meanwhile, 2374 Russell (Adam Ashton) is one of the bigger lads and still in shorts as regulations demand.


His slacking means a visit to Mr McKinnon and even for this handsome hunky trainee a spanking is mandatory.




Mr McKinnon slaps down hard driving his message home through the curved mounds of Russell’s bare bottom.


Bigger lads almost certainly need more attention and to finish off Russell’s punishment both the riding crop and the heavy Lochgelly tawse will be brought in to action.






Russell’s raw burning backside is testament to discipline well laid on. For all these lads getting better results next month is tantamount or maybe they might just be back for some stinging discipline..
..starting at the bottom end first of course.

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Borstal Correction (Part 3) – More Bad Reports – #2”
  1. Hello, the videos is a very good, excellent total videos, I like this.I recreated uniforms school and make photos, is possible I a model in here ?

  2. At first I thought that most of the bottom models wouldn’t be muscular enough to hold my attention. However, Travis McKinnon always gives an interesting performance, either as a bottom or a top. Also, I was impressed by handsome, athletic Adam Ashton in “Governor’s Choice – Part 2”. So I decided to take a chance with this video, and bought it.

    Travis McKinnon does not disappoint, giving a convincing performance as the intimidating, cocky, sadistic top. It would have been even better if he had dressed in a manner to accentuate his muscular physique – say, like the jockstrap and tanktop undershirt he wore in “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – #13”, or a pair of snug, tight-fitting briefs or Speedo swimsuit. Oh well, he still gave a good performance.

    Travis also spanked Jimmy Green and Adam Ashton in a different manner which I approved – he spanked both guys OTK for a long time on the seat of their briefs before he pulled their underwear down. Normally, the lads are spanked OTK on their briefs for only a few seconds before their bottoms are bared. However, Jimmy Green was spanked on the seat of his briefs for a full minute, and Adam Ashton was spanked for 1.5 minutes! I enjoyed very much watching those round, firm butts tightly outlined in skimpy briefs as they were spanked. Well done, Rich and Rob!

    Jimmy Green gave a convincing, demonstrative performance as a bottom – he looked and sounded like he was being hurt and humiliated. If he could develop his arm, chest, shoulder, thigh and buttock muscles a little more in his gym workouts, he would make a very good bottom model.

    Adam Ashton is good-looking and has an athletic physique, but he was too stoic for my taste in this video. If he could engage in some mild squirming, kicking, grimacing, grunting, groaning, etc. while being spanked, he too would make a very good bottom model.

    1. Hi Rasputin, Just catching up this week having been away.

      Travis is a bit like Luke Radley and doesn’t take to corporal punishment so easily. He’s supposed to only be a top but we encourage him to receive as well which of course he does. Adam did as he often does and takes it. It may not appear so but it’s sometimes extremely hard to get those guys who feel they are young men to show exaggerated signs of pain. They are just being themselves when shooting.

      Jimmy is more for the twink fans, We do try to mix the models to suit all tastes, perhaps something we may never achieve.

      Thanks again for your review and hope to hear from you again soon…

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