Can you think of a clever, funny or sexy caption for this picture?

If so please add your caption to the comments section, either here or at the old Feel the Sting blog


The picture is from A Bedtime Story

This is for fun only, no prizes will be awarded

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Caption This!”
  1. THIS is what happens to big bullies who get to big for their tight britches in this school! SPANK! SPANK! How humiliating to be upended , depantsed and spanked SPANK! SPANK! Bare bottomed in front of the very lad you’ve been bullying SPANK! Perhaps he should spank you himself next SPANK!

  2. The Embarrassment of having your victim observe your bare bottom spanking is part of the punishment boy. Especially when you just know he is going to tell the rest of the team just what he saw!

  3. The other boy is thinking, “Please warm him up nicely so that I can have hours of fun soothing and cooling him down!”

  4. Mr Sharpe: “Rawlings, go and call the other boys, after what Peterson did, they should also witness Peterson’s punishment”

    Peterson: “P..Please Sir, not in front of the boys … its …embarrassing!”

    Mr Sharpe: “Stop whining boy, or I will finish this in front of school assembly in the morning!”

  5. Bedtime-backside-beating-bared big, beneath BBs-graded, balls-balacing-brilliant brother Bruno feels it fucking frustrating but(t) fairly fair in fact that clever kid brother and classmate Alan, whom he was caught for once forcing to do his school assignments, assists avidly and amused to admire and applaud his almost-assinine AAs-abuser abjectly accepting an aptly-and-abundantly-administered ass-arse-appropriate-arse-ache-application, assuming as always after absentmindedly asserting ‘ad-hand authority’ over Alan again the tables turn back in his far-from-fair fucking favor, systematicall slapping and smacking the smarter sibling into silently-slavish servitude to stupid sportsman-senior-strength, a sufficiently-savored seeming-certitude to simply suffer the stripped-stern-skin-scarlet-slapping sufferance of Sir’s serious spanking. Sadly for the senior stud, and at-least as agreeably-already to all-AAs Alan, at-last almost-always-absent Sir saw the light and agreed to ask Bruno brutal coach to cooperate keeping-in-line the cretin completely-compliantly condemned to cruelly-copious clothless-cones-crimson-cuts-criss-cross-covering-caning whenever Alan alerts him big brother behaves too big for his breeches or brings-home another beneath-B, brilliant ‘blackmail-amo’ for bright brother acting as tutor telling the trembling teen-terror-turned-thrall thousand things to do and turning the trousers-on-ankles tail to the trembler-turned-tormentor taking a thoughtfully-tush-tender-tanning triple-tail-tawsing teaching the thrashed-trap timeliness, tasks, truly-total-tractability, time and time-again, turning the terror-tables till graduation!

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