A Bed Time Story

(Scene 2)

ABS (14)1a


Getting another boy in to trouble had led to Mark Peterson (Jirka Mendez) a senior lad, to appear in front of the Headmaster just before lights out. The Headmaster was appalled that this senior would let another boy take the blame for something he has clearly done. To make the point he had summoned the other boy to witness the punishment to be handed out to Peterson.


Firstly it would be a caning across his tight stretched pyjamas


…followed some burning stripes on the unruly senior’s bare bottom.





All this to be observed gleefully, one might say, by the other boy.


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To the delight of the watching boy, Peterson’s punishment is not over yet!! .


ABS (20)b




The bare bottom spanking that would follow the caning was especially interesting, as the lad in question had never seen a cocky senior put over the knee before.







This naughty senior boy will be sleeping on his tummy tonight!!



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By Bruce

9 thoughts on “The Late night Spanking Continues : “A Bedtime Story” (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. So nice o see that nice smooth bottom of Jirka again getting some good discipline. I am sure in his earlier appearances unlike this time, he took his punishment with out to much fuss.


    1. I understand that the reason jirka “makes a fuss” is that his smooth bottom is quite tender and sensitive 🙂

      The poor lad really feels it when he is spanked!

  2. Actually, emotional response to spankings is Jirka’s claim to fame. His emotional response to spankings, combined with his athletic physique and good looks, is the reason why he is one of Stings best models.

  3. Actually, an emotional response to spankings is Jirka’s calling card. His demonstrative reaction to punishments, combined with his athletic physique and good looks, is why Jirka Mendez is one of my favorite Sting models.

  4. First rate video, nice work by by all involved.

    If it hadn’t been for Jirka Mendez’s outstanding performance and good looks, we would all be talking about new boy Jay Sheen. Jay is a handsome boy and gave an admirable first time acting job with Sting.

    1. Thanks Sir

      I agree, both the lads in this video did very well. and Sting certainly plan to have them both back.

  5. Ah, so that is what Frank Sinatra was singing about when he sang “Fly Me To The Moon” or was it Cristian Marchi singing “Take Me To The Stars”?! I don’t know much about the moon and the stars but, I guess, “The SON (if not necessarily the sun) Will Come Out Tomorrow!”

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