Pants On Fire

The cautionary tale continues with a well deserved comeuppance …


The two boys, Jack (David Hines) and Michael (Joey White) think that sitting around and playing games is far preferable to working. The are both caught shirking by one of their two the bosses.


Michael blames his younger colleague for leading him astray. For this young Jack gets a good bare bottom whacking with a wooden spoon ..


all in front of his laughing work mate


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This is quickly followed by a spanking.






In part 2 the tables The real culprit is identified


Michael will soon not be sitting so comfortably!! …



The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube shortly




Pants On Fire – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Pants On Fire – in Standard Definition


Sting Pictures

Title 2257

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Pants on Fire (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Ah I so look forward to part 2 . Joey Whyte has got to be one of the sexiest men to walk planet earth. His face , his bum and the way he carries himself always have me in a breathless frenzy!!!!

  2. Very good movie. The scenario is very exciting (the laughing etc), the boys are super sexy and above all they really play their roles, they show reactions, interactions and emotion, I would like to see more like this …

  3. I loved this movie, it is a really sexy storyline, especially when Micheal (Joey) gets his comeuppance. Great performances by all four actors, and great spankings.

    Next time give Michael the slipper!

  4. Wow there’s a whole lot going on here.

    First of all I like the idea of this but the implementation probably didn’t tick all my boxes. I do like humiliation and embarrassment but personally in a more serious manner this has a kind of tongue in cheek humour nonetheless it was still very amusing. I am loving the vast amount of modern themes though that Sting are bringing us, an array of all sorts, it’s actually quite fun from doctor’s to a setting like this clip then right back at the borstal or college.

    Watching this got my creativity flowing. Here are a few ideas that I plucked up. I hope they’re of some interest.

    An idea quite similar to this clip would be a setting involving a couple of friends and Dad.

    Basically the story would take place in this house and the house would belong to one of the friends. The lad who lives in the house (with his dad) would invite his mate over for the day… they’d both be lazing around the house playing games etc doing what typical lads do talking the piss (quite similar to what they where doing in this clip) When dad comes home from work his son would be in trouble for something or other obviously dad doesn’t know that he’s son has took the liberty of asking a mate around without dads permission, dad would tell his mate to watch while dad spanks his son then dad would send the mate home and continue the spanking upstairs on the bed meanwhile his mate would be seen on the phone talking and laughing about seeing his mate get spanked to his other buddies.


    This exact same setting but with one dad who would probably be played by Johan (he looks older than Marco but Marco would be a great step Dad) then you have Johan’s son who’d be the bully get spanked in front of the victim who would then laugh at him and maybe to make it more interesting Johan’s son (the guy who’s getting spanked) would look up at the victim while his being spanked hard (after all bullies need there comeuppance) and the victim would smirk at him. To add a little embarrassment and make it all that more exciting, it would end with the bully having tears run down his eyes while he is made to apologise (fully nude) and shake the guys hand. (Sting have done something somewhat similar to this in Penalty 2)

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