Sting Spanking Classic : Discipline DownUnder Part 3

Discipline Down Under Part 3

Featuring ten handsome Sting lads including Darren, Sebastian, James Bruce and Robbie Estavez

Part 1 of 2

The new term is in full swing and so are the antics of the unruly students. Two lads, John Craven (Robbie Estivez) and Fraser Becket have found a new side line business in cigarette trading which will lead them eventually to a clash with Headmaster Mr Crieghton. This will have widespread and painful consequences.

However First The Football Captain Paul Cooper Has to report to the Housemaster

where a record of bad behaviour is dealt with by means of a very hard caning.

Starting on the seat of his shorts

then his tight white underpants

before consentrating on the main target – his tender bare bottom


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If sulking Cooper believes that is the last punishment his, now very sore bottom, will resceive, he is in for an unpleasant surprise!

Elsewhere two members of the upper sixth Oliver Maddox (Sean Ronson) and Reece Taylor (Stefanel) are pushing the rule book and their luck with illicit drinking sessions in their dormitory plus AWOL jaunts to the local town at night.

They are punished together, first in the gym bending, side by side, over the vaulting horse

and later in the dormatory before bedtime, guaranteeing a night spent sleeping on their fronts

In another part of the establishment young Johnny McKenzie (Joshua Black) has been fighting and the Deputy headmaster decides some some attitude adjustment is in order


The Soccer Captain’s bottom is about to get even redder!

More spanking to follow



Discipline Down Under Part 3


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One comment on “Sting Spanking Classic : Discipline DownUnder Part 3

  1. I did not like to see a basically good guy get paddled bare (as happened in our locker room in the early 1960’s but when a football captain with a huge ego had to bare his butt in front of of all of us and get paddled I did secretly enjoy him humbled and Our coach paddled us bare and he made a guy’s butt really hurt and every guy in the locker room got to see it.

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