The latest Re-Mastered Sting Special Price Spanking Classic is

Instruments of Persuasion, Part 2
Starring a veritable galaxy of early Sting start including Matt Mills, Jamie, Brett Stevens, James, David, Tigger, Vex, Barry, JayJay and others

JUST $24.99


This second instalment of Instruments of persuasion continues to feature the more prominent instruments of punishment that have evolved throughout history to maintain discipline. The film portrays several unusual measures taken at the time to instil good order

Among them is French nettle birching and the Martinet. Military discipline is featured too

Together with with a look at the cavalry regiments where in years gone by punishment in the saddle and fearing took place.

This subject is continued with a look at institutional reform discipline at the turn of the century. Many of the re enactments are scripted from actual accounts taken at the time. Some official and some unofficial but most now have legendary status in the world of corporal punishment. The role play re-enactment are followed with several traditional spanking scenes.

Together with some of the more exotic forms of punishment, such as anal ginger figging, as experienced here by Matt Mills

Continuing the usual Sting stable of great looking guys Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 delivers another Sting Pictures film to surpass all others.


Instruments of Persuasion Part 2

Sting Pictures


Title 2257

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Barry gets the birch

The End

By Bruce

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  1. Ah, Matt Mills in IOP2! One of my all-time favorite scenes in a positively titanic Sting pictures release!

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