These pictures, taken from a photo shoot which iconic Sting star Matt Mills did for the, sadly now closed, ClubLads studio, were posted to JockSpank yesterday as part of this week’s Saturday Spankables posting.  These pictures are not by Sting, but given Matt’s status as one of the most popular Sting stars, and given the close relationship which Sting had with ClubLads when they were located in the UK, IO feel they are also suitable for posting here.  

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Matt Mills ClubLads posing pictures”
  1. This is the sexiest set of Matt I have ever seen. If there are any more pictures in this set please post them Bruce. Ps have you ever interviewed Matt that would be excellent to actually hear his story.

  2. I have seen quite a few pictures of Matt Mills but these are really lovely and what a nice bottom he has got

    1. There is one one tumblr where the camera is zoomed really close in on his bare arse with his shorts just under his gorgeous naked beautiful sexy arse and he is just looking at the camera as much as to say kiss this. I swear it is one of the sexiest pictures I have ever seen. He really pokes his full naked ripe arse at the camera.

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