I recently came across these images of popular Sting actor Matt Mills, I have seen a number of photos from this shoot before, however, these particular images are new to me, and I thought that visitors might enjoy them.

By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Matt Mills – posing shots”
  1. Thanks Bruce he is on cam4 and has his own website now mattmillsmodel.com he is now circumcised and is in his mid 20’s lots more tatoos and a beiber hair cut.

  2. A young Matt Mills at is very best. Slim,lovely smooth bottom and a great cock. In his early days Matt could not take to hard discipline but he has progressed and is still quite a turn on.

  3. The pictures of a young and innocent looking Matt Mills. The bum shots are really nice. I think that he may be more bi than 100% straight. Tried to look for his websight no luck.

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