The Borstal 8 (Part 2 of 2)

The Borstal 8

Scene 2 and the young inmates of Rainsford Borstal continue to receive the bottom toasting discipline they deserve ..

A second boy trainee, Hardacre (Joey Whyte) is knocking on the Governors office door. He’s in trouble again for cheek and insubordination.

Tired of his constant bad behaviour the Governor sends him off to the gym too. Here the the senior house officer (Marco)

This is not the first Hardacre has been disciplined by this officer, so he knows what is coming!


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The Borstal 8 (Part 1 of 2)

The Borstal 8

Maintaining good discipline is an on going process with the young inmates at Rainsford Borstal. Targets have to be met, or they’ll soon find themselves in deep trouble.

One such lad, Trainee Baker (new StingLad Randal White) has come to the attention of his house officer.

Baker’s monthly report is well below the standard it should be and the boy needs reminding that he’s there to be re-educated, but on the authorities terms, not his.

He is sent to the gym, where a good over the knee spanking is administered.


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The Borstal 7 (Part 2 of 2)

The second scene from

The Borstal Part 7

The lad Ward was threatening, Bromley (Allesandro Katz) had now got himself in to trouble.

He too now finds himself knocking on the Governor’s door, this time carrying a note. The note contains a list of all the misbehaving he has been getting in to just lately. He’s a very cheeky lad, younger than Ward, so the Governor decides to deal with him there and then.

It’ll be a taste of the Governor’s leather strap for Bromley



This much used implement is well known for burning and reddening many a badly behaved boy’s bare bottom.


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Reformatory Spanking in “The Borstal 7” (Part 1 of 2)

Video preview

The Borstal Part 7

The Governor and his assistant Officer Sharpe have been aware for sometime that an increase of bullying has been going on. Their suspicions fall on a a well built young inmate, Ward (Luke Adams)

When he is caught threatening another boy their suspicions are confirmed.


After a dressing down the Governor sends Ward to his house officer, Mr Sharpe. Ward will bend over in his tight brown shorts for a caning.

Unfortunately for Ward after the punishment he uses some foul language back chat to the Officer. This is something Mr Sharpe can’t abide in a young man, supposedly inside for re-training.


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Spanking, Strapping, Caning and figging in “The Borstal Part 5”

These pictures from the September 2016 release The Borstal 5 were first posted to the old Feel the Sting Site


Discipline at Rainsford Borstal is strictly maintained, with a zero-tolerance approach to bullying of any sort. There are always some young inmates who need to be reminded of that, however, and it’s not long before Granger (Darren) joins their ranks. In a bad mood after being put on cleaning duties, he decides to take it out on another inmate doing craft work in the workshop.


His senior officer, Mr Sharpe, has never been one to tolerate bullies, and sends Granger off to fetch the willow birch. As the victim of the assault looks on, Mr Sharpe orders Granger to strip off his shorts and pants and bend over the workshop stool. He is going to get a good stinging whipping and for added humiliation, it will be in full view of his victim.
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Two inmates in big trouble in “The Borstal Part 6”

The Borstal Part 6

Discipline is being steadily maintained as it always has at Rainsford Borstal. The Assistant Governor and his warders always know when it time not to spare the rod. Today two lads have got themselves on the wrong side of their superiors and they’re going to feel the firm hand of authority, right where it hurts most.



Trainee Chase (new StingLad Clyde Walton) is reporting to his section officer (James Holt) This muscular young officer can be pushed just so far but young Chase has crossed the line



 He is firmly ordered to drop his shorts down, the boy is then taken up high on the offers leg. The stinging spanking begins and will continue through to the boys bottom being bared and then finally taken over the knee.


tb6 (2)


tb6 (3)



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The Borstal 3

The Borstal 3 – stars Adam Ashton, Rudi Vallance and Marco

In this third part of the series we revisit Rainsford, an institution for young offenders. The Borstals came about as a way to re-train, educate and provide wayward youths with a trade and purpose in life. In such places strict discipline was always the norm.


Keeping good behavior and maintaining satisfactory monthly reports was expected of all trainees. Fall foul of this and you are in deep trouble. This is certainly the case for Harding (Adam Ashton)


Not a man to mess with Mr Sharp wastes no time in administering a good stinging spanking !




 Trainee Chandler (Rudi Vallance) has been summoned by the Governor for his unacceptable behaviour.

 The governor is of course very unhappy and agrees to an off the record punishment administered by Mr Sharpe and is given a very hard spanking which he richly deserves.






However to really get the message across Mr ​Sharpe intends to teach this young man a good lesson.