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The Borstal Part 7

The Governor and his assistant Officer Sharpe have been aware for sometime that an increase of bullying has been going on. Their suspicions fall on a a well built young inmate, Ward (Luke Adams)

When he is caught threatening another boy their suspicions are confirmed.


After a dressing down the Governor sends Ward to his house officer, Mr Sharpe. Ward will bend over in his tight brown shorts for a caning.

Unfortunately for Ward after the punishment he uses some foul language back chat to the Officer. This is something Mr Sharpe can’t abide in a young man, supposedly inside for re-training.


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The furious officer orders Ward to take down his regulation shorts and Y-fronts. Big muscular senior boy or not he’s going over the officers knee, like a junior, for a good hard spanking on his well rounded bare bottom.








in Part 2 a second lad gets into trouble.


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Title 2257

By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Reformatory Spanking in “The Borstal 7” (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. I liked this video because of Luke Adams’s performance. Luke is good-looking, he has an athletic build, he responds to his punishment in a demonstrative manner, and he has a round, firm, spankable ass. I loved his pouty, surly attitude in this video. I loved the way he filled out his borstal uniform shorts, and the way his briefs accentuated his beautiful butt. Finally, I loved the fact that he was spanked on his briefs before he was spanked on his bare buttocks.

    Good video.

  2. I really appreciate the dialogue, I hope to see more of this in the future, its great to see actors such as Luke acting out a cocky attitude. I think that the defiance and resilience from the models is something Sting should delve into more, it’s been really good to see this in some of the more recent clips. It helps build the setting and atmosphere for the scene and viewer watching, instead of the guy being willing to be spanked having the model stir up an attitude is effective and exciting Luke is a great example of this with his “I’m not taking my shorts off” and his argumentative demeanor it really makes it much more exciting to see him getting spanked in the end.

    I liked the idea of the story in this, I think that stories involving bullies really work in a way that speaks to everyone because there’s nothing more satisfying and delightful than seeing a bully get what for especially getting a hot spanking. It would be brilliant to see this story lifted and put into a modern scene having a bully spanked by Dad would be amazingly hot.

    Ps. As said love the shorts, Very nice!

  3. Luke Adams is hot and it looks as though his shorts have been made specially: extra-tight and extra-short. The caning was a bit mild though. I would like to see “The Borstal 8” with Luke and Darren getting 12 strokes each on the bare backside!

    1. Would of liked the lad to be made to wear ronhills with no pants and restrained and be given twenty strokes with wide leather paddle, that would of cured him .

  4. Bruce – Luke Adams is a handsome, athletic lad with a round, firm, spankable ass that reddens up nicely during a spanking. His buttocks are accentuated nicely by tight, skimpy, low-rise briefs. He has a pouty, surly, rebellious side to his nature, and he responded in a demonstrative manner to his punishment – lots of grimaces, grunts and groans, “ouch!”es and “ow!”s, squirming over Marco’s lap, kicking his legs, etc. He has done several Sting videos.
    Any chance we can get him to do more Sting videos?

    1. Hi Rasputin

      Like many of the guys in the videos from a few years back, Luke Adams has moved on to other things.

      He was from England, and used to fly over here to film. However, he now lives in America and has a very well paid job, so I fear it is very unlikely we will get him back.


  5. We all miss the gorgeous Luke – perhaps he would be a good subject for one of your wonderful compilation videos? There have by the way been hints we might be getting a Joey Whyte compilation, which would be a treat!

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