The Borstal 3 – stars Adam Ashton, Rudi Vallance and Marco

In this third part of the series we revisit Rainsford, an institution for young offenders. The Borstals came about as a way to re-train, educate and provide wayward youths with a trade and purpose in life. In such places strict discipline was always the norm.


Keeping good behavior and maintaining satisfactory monthly reports was expected of all trainees. Fall foul of this and you are in deep trouble. This is certainly the case for Harding (Adam Ashton)


Not a man to mess with Mr Sharp wastes no time in administering a good stinging spanking !




 Trainee Chandler (Rudi Vallance) has been summoned by the Governor for his unacceptable behaviour.

 The governor is of course very unhappy and agrees to an off the record punishment administered by Mr Sharpe and is given a very hard spanking which he richly deserves.






However to really get the message across Mr ​Sharpe intends to teach this young man a good lesson.






Chandler is ordered to bend right the gym horse and in turn given a well enforced dose of the strap followed by a good dose of the belt






 Still unsatisfied the the effect has made its point Chandler then goes on to receive a severe dose from the heavy regulation Tawse.
 The next morning Harding is again summoned by Mr Sharpe. Shorts off Harding is bent over the gym horse and given five well placed cuts from the cane. 


 Clearly the message is not getting through and the underwear is ordered off and a further 30 cuts from the cane are administered leaving it’s raw and burning marks!




The lads red and throbbing bottoms will no doubt remind them who is in charge whilst under training at Rainsford Borstal!




By Bruce

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