Caught Off Guard

Caught Off Guard

With Finn Harper and James Holt

James noticing that his savings tin has been raided knows exactly where to look. Finn is up against a security guard who has a sort of sixth sense as to who carried out the raid! Yes, in his position he perhaps should have been more careful but really it’s down to trust in the house which has now been broken.

However it can be fixed and to do that Finn needs to learn a lesson, applied where it will do the most good!

Over James’s knee he’s goes


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And big lad or not that perfectly rounded bare bottom is going to be made mightily sore.

If that weren’t enough the light fingered lounger has earned a good strapping as well. It’s going to be an unexpected painful payback time for Finn!




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4 comments on “Caught Off Guard

  1. I’ve watched this video several times already and love it more and more each time. Finn is definitely among my favourite Sting Lads and I think this may be his best yet. I would have loved for him to have been made to bring the belt to James for that extra little bit of anticipation of what was to come. I hope that we’ll get to see a “Making Of” for this one (and/or Act Your Age, pretty please?). Keep up the great work, Sting team!

  2. Love holts uniform!
    It would be great to see him be disciplined in that outfit!
    I find work spankings so sexy!
    Work uniforms and professional suits are a personal preference.
    Also noticing all new videos are very similar with one guy being disciplined alone.
    I also love two in ones or even better the spanker getting spanked too!

  3. Finn looks amazing.Always like his sense of style and the black underwear – perfect Also for us sock lovers the black Vans socks are the icing on the cake. Good to see Finn wearing his socks throughout the scene. Some great camera angles too ( Can we have an update with Finn in soccer gear and some long soccer socks .
    James Holt looks great too – thanks guys at Sting a great update.

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