A second batch of pictures from Sting’s latest download 

Rensburg (Rudi Vallanace) although in his final years has grown more and more lazy as the term goes by. He has not been attending vital lessons for his final exams. The Headmaster expects senior boys to have some sort of responsibility and acts quickly if they fall behind. In Rensburg case he decides that if he wants to act like a junior he’ll be treated like one!


Rensburg soon finds himself over the Headmaster’s knee like a naughty junior getting a long hard slapping that leaves his well-rounded bare bottom enflamed and sore. This is a wakeup call he’d better behave from now on.


Bunking off too when the lads get older is a problem, this leads to poor grades in their work as thy lose out on lessons. One such pupil, Vandervelden (New StingLad Milo Milis) has been caught doing just this and is now up in front of the Headmaster. 


Realising that perhaps a short sharp shock is needed Vandervelden is ordered to strip of his shorts and get over the Heads knee. With his bare backside exposed to the Headmaster’s well exercised right arm the boy howls as the spanking is laid on.


However, now kneeling on a stool with his bare bottom raised high and thrust out it’s the thick leather belt that’s causing him to sing even louder. 


The belt leaves burning hot bands of fire as each stroke connects with the hapless boys protruding and fast reddening bare bottom.
Milo Milis as Vandervelden



By Bruce

39 thoughts on “Colonial College (Part 2) – Branderburg Revisited – (Part 2)”
  1. The pictures of Rudi over Richs knee I think it’s rich are good views are good may download soon – L

  2. This is a pretty good video. I’ll confine my comments to the scenes involving Travis McKinnon and Rudi Vallance, two of my favorite models.

    Travis and Rudi looked as handsome and athletic as ever, and both guys looked very fetching stretched out face-down over the laps of Marco and Rich, respectively. The tight, skimpy briefs worn by Travis were good, the pair worn by Rudi were even better. However, Travis’s response to his punishment was a little more stoic than his debut performance in the “Governor’s Choice #2” video. His grunts and groans weren’t quite as convincing as before, and he didn’t squirm over Marco’s lap as much as he should have. It might have been because Marco didn’t seem to spank him very hard. Who knows?

    Travis’s response to his spanking was a little more demonstrative (i.e., better) than his performance in “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – #13”, but he too was just a shade too stoic for my taste.

    The “bottom line”, so to speak, of my advice to both Travis and Rudi would be this – guys, you are two handsome, buff lads, but please be a little less stoic in your future Sting performances. Perhaps Luke Radley can give both of you spanking lessons. 🙂

    Still, this was a pretty good video.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      Thanks for the comment, I am glad you enjoyed Colonial College 2 , at least the parts with Rudi and Travis, who, I agree are both a treat for the eye. I am pleased the briefs met with your approval this time. 🙂 I note your comments about the lad’s performances, Jonathan may have more to say about that, but as I think he has mentioned previously, some of the boys see it as a badge of honour to take their punishment “like a man” and naturally try to be stoic.

      Luke Radley, of course, struggles to master stoicism, did you see him in the first Colonial College?

      I assume that in paragraph three of your comment, you meant Rudi rather than Travis?


    2. Oops – yes, Bruce, I was referring to Rudi in the third paragraph, but I typed out Travis. Sorry about that.

      I am aware of the “take your punishment like a man” ethos, that to grunt, groan, whimper, squirm, kick, etc. while being punished is considered “unmanly”. However, consider the video’s scenario – a young-looking legal adult is pretending to be a teenaged boy, and willingly lies face-down over another man’s lap to be spanked like a little boy on the seat of his trousers, on the seat of his underpants, and on his bare buttocks. What is “manly” about that scenario? Besides, aren’t these guys being paid for this?

      A punishment like this should be both painful and humiliating. However, the guys are not injured seriously – the bruises from a hand-spanking will be gone within a few minutes, within a few hours at the most for a moderate caning.

      If the model were to yell at the top of his lungs, or sob like a 2-year-old, or squirm or kick so violently that he had to be tied down, that would be considered an unrealistic response to a spanking – “overacting”. However, modest amounts of grimaces, grunts, groans, whimpers, squirming, kicking, etc. would be considered a realistic touch – it shows that the young man is receiving a painful, humiliating punishment even while he is “taking his punishment like a man”.

    3. PS, Bruce – Rudi Vallance is incrementally improving with each video. His performance in “Colonial College #2” was less stoic than in “Tales from the Headmaster’s Studio – #13”, which was less stoic than in the video previous to that one. He’s almost got it right – just a little more grimacing, grunting, groaning, squirming, etc. is all that is needed.

      Travis McKinnon got off to a fine start in “Approved Education #7”, then became a little too stoic in “Colonial College #2”. Just a little more grimacing, grunting, groaning, squirming, etc. is all that is need from him too.

      Yes, Bruce, I did see Luke Radley’s performance in the first “Colonial College” video, and he did a very good job. His performance in “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – #13” was also very good. His performance in “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – #4” is my favorite scene in all of the Sting Pictures videos. Luke is probably my favorite Sting model – handsome, clean-cut, athletic build, good actor. If there was a way I could tip Luke for his performances, I would. 🙂

    4. Hi Rasputin

      I do appreciate what you are saying, and Sting certainly do appreciate that many fan enjoy it when the models are more demonstrative. They may have more to say about this later.

      I am pleased to see you say that about Rudi, he is certainly developing and becoming more confident, he has now been in quite a few Sting features and his performance are getting better all the time. He has always looked wonderful, right since his first appearance in “No Stars Just More Stripes” almost 18 months ago, but I think the experience was quite daunting to start with.

      Hopefully Travis will develop as well given time.

      I agree with you about Luke Radley in Tales from the Headmaster’s Study #4″ Forrester’s Affair, he was great in that, isn’t that the one where he jumps up and down clutching his sore bottom? That was great!! Also, we had the theme of Damien Drake taking revenge by reporting Forrester (Luke Radley) for borrowing the teacher’s car 🙂

    5. Just to add a note to this topic. When shooting we generally leave it to the models to react naturally. A lot of the more masculine models feel that they are being weak if they don’t take whatever is being laid on. Its a pride thing in many respects. Many young CZ ‘lads’ are like that especially if they shoot together or the guy they know is a friend and also the top.

    6. Hi Jonathan

      It makes sense to let the boys respond naturally, but it is quite satisfying for the viewer when they are more demonstrative, like (the other) Jonathon or Luke Radley, and they aren’t really being natural if they are deliberately attempting to be stoic.

      It would be fun to hear a few more “ouch”!s if the could be persuaded to do so. They are actors after all

      That would make your brilliant films even more brilliant.

  3. Rasputin, can I just add some feedback here.

    You are consistently asking for hunks, who are in essence “men” rather than twinks who are more like “boys”, then complaining that they don’t squirm and wimper like boys being spanked.

    Men by their very nature are going to squirm and wimper less, and therefore give a more stoic performance. As Bruce quite rightly points out these men see it as a badge of honour to take their punishment well like… men !

    If you want to see guys squirming, wimpering etc then twinks by the fact they are more boyish are going to give performances more like this. Maybe rather than complaining about the twinks you should actually watch their performances and you will see that they are less “stoic”.

    Personally I think the guys should give a “natural” performance and not ACT as to me this is less realistic.


    1. You are correct, Adam, one shouldn’t expect grown men to squirm, grunt, whimper, etc. as much as mere boys. However, I would like the hunky models to be a little less stoic in their response to their punishments.

      I derive pleasure from watching “hunks” (handsome, muscular, clean-cut young men) receiving a painful, humiliating spanking, while I do not derive pleasure from watching “twinks” (skinny, fragile-looking, boyish-looking young men) receiving the same treatment. That’s just the way I am.

      I would derive pleasure from watching Channing Tatum receive a good, hard OTK spanking, but watching Justin Bieber get such a spanking would not interest me. (However, I must admit that, given his recent behavior, Justin Bieber certainly DESERVES a good spanking. LOL)

      Rich and Rob – please don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dislike the recent “Colonial College 2” video. I liked it. I simply think it would have been even better if Travis and Rudi had been a little less stoic in their response to their spankings.

    2. Hi Adam, your observation is pretty well spot on when it comes to the models but we do understand the point Rasputin is making as well. Good reactions do often make the scene more exciting. We’re aware of most peoples likes and dislikes when it comes to hunks and twinks but I think we’re never going to satisfy all here. Its one reason why we try to shoot with both types of model and not just stick with one strand when making the films.

      I will say one thing about some of the ‘fragile looking’ twinks however, in many cases they have been able to take it more stoically than some of the hunks. Travis and Rudy are being what we would describe as screen developed.They are getting more and more used to playing out their roles and will as time goes by get better and better.

      Stings policy has always been to keep good models and not throw them in the deep end only for them never to return. Rasputin, Rich and Rob are seldom if ever offended so don’t worry about commenting we’re happy to hear about all your views, likes and dislikes and ideas. Its a case of if we don’t know we can’t act on it. Thanks for all your comments guys.

  4. I find that sometimes sting OTK could be longer. I love it when sting put a guy OTK after his already got a sore ass they do that sometimes it’s so erotic. Also I was watching some clips back and when they spank OTK they sometimes do it fast and rapid Rusty did that with a few guys which brings me to this where is Rusty he was so good as a spanker? Hope his well. 🙂 – Luke

    1. Hi Luke thanks for your comment. We have now just recently and in many cases, with negotiation, extend the spanking part of the shoot which is good. We still do the fast and rapid spanking in some stories. We will try to get Rusty back in but like many over the years he has moved on and not so near us to be able to shoot anymore.

  5. I think it’s better a guy acts natural to spanking instead of over doing it I’ve seen a few and the guy is clearly acting. I would suggest sting smack harder for a more natural performance but obivisly we have to remember this are paid models not robots. – L

    1. You do have a point, Anonymous. If the tops would spank harder with their bare hands, that would elicit a more natural performance from the bottoms, but remember that they can’t spank TOO hard when they are using implements like canes, paddles, belts, etc. That would run the risk of either seriously injuring the models, or making the filming process so painful for the bottoms that they would either demand more money or refuse to play the bottom roles altogether.

  6. In most cases as a new models settle down they can get to being to take it harder. We have one or two like Brad and Dale Brady who can take it really hard. But you are right they are models too wired the same as all of us.

  7. This is a FANTASTIC new video. It would be worth the price just for Travis and Rudy who are two of the sexiest models Sting has ever used. Travis is especially handsome, masculine, and spankable. I love seeing the big, masculine hunks like Travis in school shorts getting a humiliating OTK spanking. The whole video is really well directed and shot and the boys and spanking action are perfect. My one request; at least one brief OTK round on the school shorts is really sexy. I wished Travis had gotten spanked in his shorts before they came down. Although I can’t complain about how sexy the spanking was in his tight briefs and bare bottom. Great work all around. Highly recommended.

    1. Ah the inevitable emotive comment. It’s a bit of a yawn but let’s look at it. Right, the series is called Colonial College not Colonial School. With the exception of the UK high school can go on until guys are nineteen and upwards. The legal age of consent in many countries is 16 and below in many parts of Europe. We have to assume that school boys might well fancy each other especially if they are of the age of consent and gay. This then is weird is it? However, in fact this particular story was solely about spanking with no sex. In schools and colleges in both South Africa and Australasia it’s very, very common to see lads from the age of 16 to 20 wearing shorts as part of their uniform. Corporal punishment is still retained in some of these places. Nevertheless in the vanilla adult world school boy scenarios too are now very, very common. Check out any of Staxus or Helix (USA) videos.

    2. I agree with Matt, this is one of my favorites I have been infatuated with Rudi for months and now Travis has arrived on the scene.

      Adam Ashton is another wonderful addition

    1. I would like to suggest a story featuring a young tearaway living in a village, where he causes so much trouble that the local policeman, doctor and either school teacher or priest get together and agree they will ensure he is soundly spanked by at least one of them every day. Between them they keep the young rascal’s bottom red so he can’t sit comfortably all summer long

    2. That is a wicked idea Johannes I love it

      Can I suggest an open ending, the boy thinks its over but the audience and tops know the kid has many more spankings to come

  8. Any chance we will see the current crop of models receive a figging? cheers, and keep up the great work!

  9. I didn’t think that Travis MacKinnon was especially “stoic”, he makes quite a lot of noise, shouting “OW.. OUCH!” right from the start of his spanking.

  10. It is more enjoyable for the viewer knowing the actor actually hates being spanked. I remember being told that both Matt Mills and one of the Czech boys, I think it was Dan, had rather tender bottoms. I enjoy watching their movies more since hearing that.

    I will enjoy watching Travis suffer in future. Tee Hee

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