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By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Video Preview Trailer for “Colonial College (Part 2) – Branderburg Revisited””
  1. Hi does sting wabt to give me £150 voucher ive lost all my vids from them had over £150 worth.

    1. Hi Anon Rob here from Sting Pictures, if you would please contact me at I can look into your problem and find a reasonable solution for you. Other customers have had this happen and were very happy with my help. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Rob

  2. love how you change it up with the kneeling on a bench! Was the wheelbarrow position administered back then, as I nominate Milo Milis for it?

    1. Don’t know if the wheel barrow position was used back then, I know from the production slate that a new story with Rudi has the wheel barrow position in it. The last time Sting shot that position was a fair time ago with a young lad called Ginger.

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