With brand new locations and some hot new faces and hot new bottoms to spank there are a string on new Sting and Hornet movies heading this way shortly.
Introducing Jerry Henderson who will be taking some punishment on his smooth and tender bare bottom ….

 and as a new young top handing it out to popular Sting stars Xander and Rudi.

The very popular Aaron Alton is back in to hot new roles ….
 And he’s taking it hard!!
 More pictures of Aaron will be posted tomorrow!
 New Sting actor Oscar Robert in a new 1900 story ..

 When his spectacular bottom will be receiving  the treatment it deserves ….


By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon From Sting (Part 1)”
  1. With the exception of Rudi Vallance, all of the spankees in these upcoming videos are slender, fragile, boyish-looking guys – in other words, twinks. I am not a twink fan.

    I hope that some of your new videos feature lots of good-looking, sturdy, muscular, masculine, clean-cut spankees with demonstrative (i.e., not stoic) acting styles – guys like Rudi Vallance, Luke Radley, Damien Drake, Sebastian, Darren, Mike Cross, Randal Pittman, etc.

    1. I actually agree with you on this Rasputin I’m not into all the twinks but I think Oscar is fit that’s the biggest let down when you wait for a sting update and it’s all twinks as there prolly the only studio i buy from now but hopefully will see some good videos like the ones from 2010 2011. But I guess we have to respect that there are people who like twinks. -Minajesty

    2. You might be right about Oscar, Minajesty. He looks skinny fully dressed, but when naked he does appear to have some upper-body muscle development. Let’s hope that, in addition to not being skinny, he is not a stoic actor.

      I realize that twinks are popular on this site and on others as well, but I’d like to think that this site – my favorite male spanking site – would maintain a “stable” of physically fit, hunky models for those of us that prefer hunky young men to boys.

      P.S. – I’m not into hairy spankee models at all, but a minimal or modest amount of body hair would be okay.

  2. Part 1 looks very promising, really in to twinks, some proper good looking young lads on at last. Too many over weight, hairy (yukk!) builders bum types on some sites. Oscar is a fit looking guy!

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