The latest (and final) update to the Sting Member’s area is the Truant 
Staring Rudi
Student truancy when finally discovered is usually dealt with very firmly. So it was in the case of Tony Henderson (Rudi Vallance) who had been missing from college on more than one occasion.


Tired of this senior boy’s lackadaisical attitude the Headmaster decides its time to take serious action. Summoned to his study young Tony is first given a good over the knee spanking, quite a humiliation for this strapping prefect.




This is just a start as the Head intends to leave a calling card for others who may wish to follow Henderson’s lead. Out comes the swishy rattan cane and with Tony bent over the old school desk it is applied painfully to his protruding muscular bare bottom. 




The stripes will certainly bear witness to Tony’s abuse of the rule book and the yelps will mean he is no longer to be known as The Truant








We are sorry to announce that this will be the last video loaded to the Members Area as it will now be closing down. There are various reasons for this but mainly it is financial. It’s the second time we attempted some sort of Members Area.
However, with to its closure there is some good news. Firstly we will now concentrate more on our core film production outlet Sting and secondly develop the Hornet Studio with extra tiles similar to What The Eyes Don’t See series. Also the video chat rooms will be bought to the front of the Sting site and open to all registered customers. The galleries too for each new film will be made available for a small add on fee. Thanks for your understanding. Please visit to cancel your  payments. 
Kind Regards Rich & Rob


By Bruce

5 thoughts on “The Truant – Final Sting Member Update”
  1. Rudi is one of Sting’s most attractive spankee models – handsome, athletic build, masculine, smooth (i.e., modest or minimal amount of body hair), and clean-cut (i.e., minimal or no tattoos or body piercings). I look forward to his videos where he is on the receiving end of a spanking, caning, paddling, etc. He did a good job in “The Truant”

    Rudi’s reaction to his spanking in “The Truant”, although slightly too stoic for my taste, is much improved over his excessively stoic performance in the recent “Burned by Temptation”. If his acting becomes just a little more demonstrative in future videos, he will one of Sting’s premier spankee models.

  2. Surly it is time for Rudi to take a figging. I’d love to see those handsome eyes water as a juicy plug of fiery ginger is inserted in his tender pucker, before a sound spanking.

  3. This is something that will be including in future shooting when the storyline provides a background for it. Rudi (and others) is a little reluctant but is going to give it a try! ;-}

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