Although there are currently difficulties with the comments facility on the new JockSpank blog, you can leave comments here at Feel the Sting, and it would be great to hear from you.

The comment system is slightly different here than at the Blogger sites. The differences are as follows:

* The Comment link is at the top of each posting, beneath the title, rather than at the bottom as it was with Blogger.

* The option of leaving “Anonymous” comments is not available, and you will need to give a name. However, it does not have to be your real name, King Kong or Elvis should be fine.

* You will need to enter an e-mail address, however, this will not be visible to other visitors

* There is an option to quote a website, but that is not essential.

Unfortunately, as with Blogger, comments will continue to be moderated to prevent spam and abuse. However, we will seek to moderate comments as quickly as possible.

I hope that some of you will make use of the comment option going forward, and let us know what you think.

By Bruce

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