In this double issue we find PE Master Mr Stone (James Holt) dealing with a badly behaved senior boy, Foster (Enzo Scott) who he catches in the changing rooms up to no good.


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To lay on punishment this diligent Coach likes to collect freshly cut switches, fit for the purpose, on his weekly inspection of the cross country running route.

For Foster this wicked willow across his firm bare bottom certainly has the right effect as does the spanking to follow!

However forgetfully Mr Stone didn’t clear the punishment with his Headmaster (Marco) so now he himself is to be on the receiving end!

Although very humiliating for a big young man like the junior coach, firstly he will be going over the knee for a spanking, exactly as the boy did.

After the spanking, and choosing the thickest of Mr Stone’s switches, a set of magnificent marks is soon appearing on the PE Master’s well rounded bare bottom!




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Consequences – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

20 thoughts on “Consequences”
  1. Oh dear, how Sting has changed, used to be a twink site, now anything goes as far as age is concerned. Not very realistic and a big disappointment. Bring back Curtis and Finn

    1. Hi Swanlad

      I note your view on this and will let Sting know. However, Sting are responding to a number of customer requests asking for James Holt to be on the receiving end of a spanking. Once again, like Ryan Conway in the last video you commented on, James is playing an adult role and not cast as a school boy.

      As to Finn he was in the last video “Broken In” which was only released last week. Sting have not forgotten their fans who prefer younger spankees, and both Finn and, most likely Curtis, will be back soon

    2. You’d swear by the over reaction that Sting had not shot any twinks for months and months… yet the last few updates have all been twinks. But apparently Sting USED to be a twink site … These comments do make me chuckle.

  2. Poor Sting….they really can’t please all of the people all of the time, can they?! But it seems to me that they have a pretty good stab at it. And for every fan who only wants to see twinks, I’m sure there are plenty more, like me, who also enjoy seeing the likes of James Holt and Ryan Conway getting their fabulous bottoms warmed over another man’s knee! And if not….does it really warrant moaning about? Sting’s prodigious output means that you would never have to wait very long before something more to your liking came along. I think they do a pretty good job of trying to cater for all tastes. Cut them some slack!

  3. It’s good to see James holt gets spanks again, older guys need to be spanks too, would like to see Marco get spank by James, see younger spanking older.

  4. Even thought he is mostly a spanker these days,James Holt still gets spanked a lot. Does he actually enjoy it?

  5. Thanks Sting – great to see the superb James Holt get a long overdue spanking. Hisroyalheinie puts it pefectly… I love a good comeuppance!
    James Holt is a firm favourite and his last video with Finn was amazing. However what a welcome surprise to see James on the receiving end in this latest release. Some wonderful tight fitting underwear showcasing James ample butt. Great to see the spanking first on the shorts then the underwear – exciting build up. James did appear in some very tight black shorts not so long ago would be great to see him in those receving another spanking.

    Sting does a great job in showcasing a wide variety of guys, and must be commended for appealing to a wider audience who certainly appreciate the likes of Finn Harper, but also for including the hunky James Holt in this latest release. I certainly would like to see more of James on the receiving end to compliment his usual role.
    Bruce if you could thank all those involved… great production.

  6. Have to say I fully concur with Swanlad. When they keep to twinks and young adults Sting are superb but, this latest production Is far from the halcyon days of old. However, I know others will disagree and are quite entitled to do so.

  7. I love seeing a big, masculine guy like James get an OTK spanking. So sexy. I gather from some of the comments that it’s not for everyone but, as others have written, it won’t be long before the next Sting release with a different dynamic. From the other positive comments it’s also clear that there are a lot of fans of this kind of scene as well. So thank you, Sting for doing everything you can to accommodate all your clients. Great new release. Looking forward to the next one.

  8. What a great video seeing a young guy and then his caner both get such a good set of stripes. What would have made it even better for me would have been if Enzo was around to witness James’ comeuppance, but how anyone can have a problem seeing such a magnigficent backside get whacked is beyond me. Keep mixing it up Sting, it doesnt have to be just twink after twink with such great looking (slightly) older guys as James available.

    1. Hi Anonymous

      I think you must have missed the part of the scene where we see that Enzo is watching through the d00r as James Holt (Mr Stone) is being punished.

  9. I love this video! There are some delicious little touches, which are quite a turn-on! I especially like the pair of short, dark-blue and white-striped PE shorts hanging from a hook, recalling all the wayward youths that we have seen laid over the knee for a good smacked bottom in that particular pair! And James shows that he has impeccable taste in underpants with those tight, pink (!) boxer-briefs – pink being a colour for underpants that I’ve always felt takes some guts to wear but perfect for spankingwear!

    The shorts young Enzo is wearing are the perfect length for discipline! I don’t recall seeing those ones being worn before, but I hope to see them being worn many times in the future! Are they a new pair, Bruce?

  10. This video seems to have split the audience, I am pleased that those would like to see a slightly more mature guy getting punished enjoyed it. However, those who didn’t enjoy it need not worry, as there will be plenty of younger twinks and jocks back getting spanked very soon.

  11. Hi Bruce
    Wow i cannot believe it is 10 years that Sting left the UK i remember the first Sting VHS tape that i got it was it was the one with Paul or Brett bent over in the heads study for the cane.A lot of water under the bridge since then.I had to get my friend to buy it for me as i was living at home still and he told me about Sting so glad he did it is nice to see any cheeky male having his bottom spanked. Whatever is good it is how it is put together that is the main thing and you do a fab job with that thank you so much.
    What is Robin Palmer and Paul Wolfe up to now days ? and who can ever forget Brett super lad.
    Take care all of you at Sting keep up the good work and thank you so much for all that you do.
    Best Wishes
    Melvin xx

  12. What a hot vid. Enzo does so well under the cane (and seems to enjoy it on the other end). And James does an excellent job of striping his deserving behind (he should have gotten a further spanking for peeping in when Mr Stones was switched lol)
    So good to see James on the receiving end. Always good to have a deserving young man get the cane or switch. And James does have that naughty look of someone who overstep the rules (and the butt that look so deserving of caning). Please catch James again overstepping the rules , and give him many more canings (but also have him spank some on the younger guys).
    Thanks to Sting for catering for different tastes. I like to see twinks spanked, but it is just as pleasant to watch more mature you guys (with spankable butt and attitude) to get a good caning and spanking in the right context.

  13. this film breaks the routine, very good. bad luck for james, he overdid it with enzo 🙂 good that enzo is back in business, he is doing really well.

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