Kiwi College 22

Kiwi College 22

On the day of production Sting’s regular spankers were suddenly unavailable at the same time, so the lads dragged Rich on from his other projects.

With the model (Karl Laska) waiting, and knowing if it were the cane to be wielded, they couldn’t find better at such short notice. Unsurprisingly Rich was delighted to oblige.


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Karl plays a senior very cocky lad who finds himself before the Headmaster. He had decided exams were not worth turning up for. Without delay of course he is dealt with, a good caning right down to his bare bottom!

After the caning a spanking on top of those burning stripes will follow. The exams? Well now he’ll have to sit on them tomorrow, if he can that is.

Karl Laska is on the receiving end of a hard caning




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Kiwi College 22 – in Standard Definition


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5 comments on “Kiwi College 22

  1. This is a very nice clip. Karl gives off a real air of cockiness/attitude through his body language & expressions. I hope we will see more of him getting into character like this in future. His character certainly earns his caning & spanking but Karl takes it well, while still letting the audience know he’s feeling it. I also really like the final picture. Is it a before or after one? Are there any plans for any more behind the scenes releases?

  2. Good to see Karl back with those amazing long legs. Maybe the shorts and underwear could have been a bit tighter. But Karl is looking good in this video. Agree with Vince the final photo is a really nice touch. Welcome return of Rich too.
    It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Finn receiving the cane hopefully he’ll be in trouble again soon.

  3. Karl has a very nice spankable bottom that shows the results of punishment very nicely making it perfect for the cane. Also as Vince commented perfect cocky attitude and a good level of reaction. Hope to see him return on many other productions.

  4. Excellent production. Karl is built for the cane with a cocky attitude that ask for strict discipline. Bending over he seems to gave born for the position Please many more of this guy.

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