A martial arts training coach (Johan Volny) is annoyed to find one of his trainees (Ryan Conway) indulging in illicit substances which he knows full well will not help him achieve his peak. This boy need some extra training, hard training, which will hopefully bring him back on track.

The coach starts by getting the lad to do some press ups, and then kicks to make sure his body is getting more toned.

Then he proceeds to deal with the disciplinary approach to his art. Learning to take pain is an essential aspect of the sport, what better than a good spanking thus providing a duel role in administering pain, with the hapless lad learning to take it.


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After this move up a notch and bring the oriental rattan cane to bear on that muscular bare bottom!








Ryan Conway learns Martial Arts




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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Continued Adventures On The Bench”
  1. A big boy like this having his bare bottom soundly spanked.love the way those hand prints show up on his bare bottom.Shows one you are never too old or too tall to be put over a lap for a sound spanking.

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