The video Preview for

Sting Raw – “Out Of Credit”

Starring Austin Cook and Rich O’Shea

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Sting Raw “Out Of Credit” at Clips4Sale

Sting Raw at Clips4Sale

Title 2257

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Video Preview for “Sting Raw: Out Of Credit””
  1. f there’s one thing I can’t abide, it’s a young lad who thinks his appallingly bad behaviour is funny! So it was good to see the grin wiped off his face as Richard laid him over his knee for a good smacked bottom!

    I have to say that the underpants part of young Austin’s spanking is probably the sexiest I’ve seen yet on a Sting move and that is with some very stiff (;D) competition indeed! And when he has to kneel and bend bare-bottomed over the table, the pertness of that cheeky little bum and the smackaableness of those legs is just untrue!!! Truly the gods of Spankers’ Heaven moulded this delectable boy’s physique for the purposes of strict and soundly administered discipline!

    As the spanking Austin richly deserves is laid on with all Richard’s skill, I can’t help thinking, as has already been observed, “Lookout, young Robin Palmer! Here comes a rival!”

    If it was possible to wear out a digital clip, I think I’d probably be doing it with this one!

  2. Sorry, it looks like I managed to miss out on Austin’s ‘All about the money’ clip! I don’t know how I managed to do that! And just like I thought, he looks absolutely amazing in school uniform! More of the same would just be the cat’s ass!!!

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