Crime and Punishment 4

Once again, we travel back to the 19th Century, when Judicial punishments and behaviour modification techniques were considerably more severe (and arguably more effective) than they are today.

Handsome young scallywag Barratt (Tim Ptacek) has been sentenced to punishment by the courts due to his misconduct and insolence. As his earlier arrogance melts away, he knows that by the end of the session, a certain part of his anatomy will be very sore indeed!

Stripped naked from the waist down, he will receive a heavy birching which, throughout which, he squirms and whimpers.

As if that is not enough, to make sure that he fully understands the consequences of breaking the law, the birching is then immediately followed by a long hard spanking, on his birch scalded, and excruciatingly tender, bare bottom.

Many uncomfortable hours will pass before the young miscreant’s well punished rump will cease to burn. Which is, of course, no more than he deserves!

Tim Ptacek plays the unlucky Barratt



Crime and Punishment 4 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Crime and Punishment 4 – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment 4”
  1. Another splendid performance from Tim Ptacek. This handsome, athletic, lanky young man gave a convincing performace as a youthful trouble-maker who got his just desserts – a birching and an OTK spanking. The most impressive part of this video was when this strapping young man was spanked like a little boy over Rich’s knee. Tim kicked his long legs, squirmed over Rich’s lap, grimaced, grunted and cried out in pain, and reached back with his hand in a futile attempt to stop the spanking. I hope to see more of Tim Ptacek in the future, especially in a more contemporary setting in which he is spanked both on the seat of his briefs and on his bare bottom.

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