Crime and Punishment 5

Once again, we travel back to the 19th Century, when Judicial punishments and behaviour modification techniques were considerably more severe (and arguably more effective) than they are today.

Handsome young rascal Higgins (Michal Christian) has been sentenced to punishment by the courts, due to his misconduct and insolence. And he knows that by the end of the discipline, his backside will be well and truly very sore indeed!

Going over the punishment frame with britches and trousers down, he is in for a good hard strapping from Mr Conway (Ryan Conway)

And, to make sure that he fully understands the consequences of breaking the law, the strapping is then followed by a long hard spanking on his strapped and excruciatingly tender, bare bottom.

Many uncomfortable hours will pass before the young miscreant’s punished rump will cease to burn. Which is no more than he deserves!

Michal Christian plays the well punished, young rascal Higgins



Crime and Punishment 5 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Crime and Punishment 5 – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment 5”
  1. Good to see Michal back! What made him change his mind? Very nice clip – I particularly liked his reactions: his bum trembling in anticipation of the next stroke, grimacing in pain as the strap landed, all of which seemed entirely appropriate for a brave, tough young man facing (reverse-facing?) a firm physical punishment. I agree with BlakeTheJock as his muscular buttocks & thighs are a joy to behold & I particularly liked he didn’t shave his ass (alas his pubes remain trimmed, rather than natural, but you can’t have everything). Thanks Sting – we’re being spoiled for choice this weekend!

    1. Hi Vince

      I don’t think Michal needed to change his mind, as far as I know he always intended to come back. However, he has been caught up with other commitments recently. I am pleased that people continue to enjoy his performances


  2. Excellent production, with 2 hot actors. You could pair them again. In my mind I have the idea tat the sports master (Ryan) chose a caning from the head rather than possible be sacked for some reason and with his own butt still on fire cane Michal for slacking at PT again.

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