Cut it Out

Featuring David Swanson, Evan Ryker, Johan Volny and Dexter.  The busy staff continue to deal with misbehaviour in the most effective manner.

Next up is Parker (Evan Ryker) he to has been found to have banned and illegal items in his locker, a large sheaf knife being one of them! This is strictly against the rules and he too now has a dreaded appointment with his Housemaster (Dexter)

He admits the items belong to him and is ordered to take off his blazer and bend over the desk.


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The Housemaster is going to lay on a good strapping, working right down to the boy baring his bottom.




Parker is a senior but when older lads misbehave in a reckless way this Housemaster takes them down a peg or two, usually by taking them over his knee for a good naughty boys spanking! Something they would rather their mates not ever know about!





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The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube


By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Cut It Out (Part 2 of 2) Including the video preview”
  1. I hope people can appreciate the effort Sting put in to bring us some of the best skilled handsome spankers around in the MM spanking domain as much as I can. As of now It’s so rare to see spankers that actually look the part who look attractive and also have the skills (no offense intended by that statement) it’s so danm hot of course Sting have helped master there techniques but I for one am very grateful that Sting allow us to see these attractive types of spankers like Johan and Dexter they look great. Everyone has different tastes I am fully aware of that but for me spanking has never been just about the guy who is getting spanked I have always had a strong desire to see spankers who look hot spanking hot guys I guess one could call them DILFS but it really is a big part of my fetish having two great models (top and bottom) so kudos to Sting for being one of very few studies who actually take the time to find these spankers and keep them around. I am also glad to see Dexter appear again he was always my favourite. This clip features both Dexter and Johan and is a perfect example of great tops in action.

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