Sometimes going to college becomes a bore, its much more attractive to stay at home and do nothing. Take a cold beer from the fridge and chill out. Who needs all the education stuff anyway.

Unfortunately for Jimmy (Robin Palmer) his unofficial day off is rudely interrupted by Marco. For Jimmy lounging about in the kitchen and wasting his time doesn’t go down well with Marco, this boy needs a lesson! After clearing up the mess he’s made, Jimmy is ordered to bend over the table.

Jimmy’s firm rounded bottom will soon be feeling the hard wooden, holed, spatula across it, the perfect instrument and readily on hand too.


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After that, well nothing works better on a petulant boy than to be put over a strict man’s knee for a good long hard bare bottom spanking. Will Jimmy drink to that – after most probably not!




As final punishment, Jimmy has to clear up the mess, with his well spanked bare bottom on display.


By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Robin in “Jimmy””
  1. As ever Robin’s perfect posterior is a delight to see. I enjoyed this video and I think it shows the good acting skills that Robin has. Even professional actors have difficulty playing drunks and Robin seems a natural.

  2. Robin is good as usual. His firm, spankable bum looks great. I’d prefer a belt or cane instead of the spatula but despite of the instrument the video is worth buying. I wish Robin could a bit workout at his arms and chest. Of course we don’t want to change him in a muscled hunk but simply let he built some muscles. Just a bit.

    And one more – maybe it be interesting to cane or spank Robin kneeling on bed (on his elbows and knees).

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