Handsome Sting model Danny plays Joe Harrison a final year student whose mind is on other things rather than preparing for Exams.
As is often the case the best way to reach a wayward youth’s brain is via a hard and painful message delivered with some vigour to the other end, and in Discipline for Joe that message is delivered in triplicate.
 Firstly his Mentor tries to get the message over that this final year is very important especially with important exams coming up. With everything falling on deaf ears a bedtime spanking is given shortly after a hot shower, first to the seat of his pyjamas and then to his bare bottom.







Next exasperated by Joe’s unwilling attitude to exams his form master, Mr McGinn, decides to take up the problem with Joes Mentor The result is a slippering with a stinging plimsoll over the vaulting horse in the gym .








Hopes that the last punishment has done the trick are dashed and to reinforce the gravity of the situation Joe’s uncle ends up swinging his carpet slipper with the lad kneeling across two chairs.







This was Danny’s début Performance for sting, and he has since appeared in a number of videos, including Three for the Gym, See No Evil, BorstalCorrection 2 – Back Inside, Bring Back the Birch and Banged Up My Borstal Days 2



Discipline for Joe, together with three other Downloads and a bonus scene is also available on DVD in
Sting DVDs are available from Mans Hand Films for US customers

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