Darren has been a regular Sting star since  shortly after their arrival in Prague and since then has become one of the most frequently and soundly spanked boys in all of Bohemia.

Darren in a photo shoot for Badpuppy

 A slightly younger Darren in an earlier posing assignment while working under the model name of Lou Devane

 Darren in Banged Up My Borstal Days 2

 Darren has one of the most spectacular and instantly recognisable bottoms as can be see above in an image from “Smoking Stings”

Darren paddled with a Japanese rice spoon in Discipline Down Under Part 3

 In Oh Brother! with Dexter

  Another scene from Discipline Down Under Part 3
Receiving a stinging  taste of the birch in “Sixth Formers – The New Term”

Darren has appeared in Discipline Down (Load) Under, The Making of a Gentleman, TS Morsus – Before the Mast, Troopers in Trouble, See No Evil, Discipline Down Under Part 3, Sixth Formers – The New Term, The Brothers, Sixth Formers – Something to Wine about, Approved Education Part 3, Banged Up My Borstal Days 2, Mr Royce PT Master, Oh Brother, Smoking Stings, Sports Report 2 and also in ‘Sore Bottom’, a Guest Director production for Margusta, distributed through Sting.


By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Darren – A bottom to die for”
  1. Unlike Darrin,I did not have a butt ‘to die for’ but in high school I did have a butt that had some shape and definition and the cdoach sure liked to giver me naked butt spanks—not a real spanking just while passing me–he would give my naked butt a spank–or in getting in or out of the pool i (alone) would get an ‘aata boy’ spank—It happened so much my classmates laughed at our coach behind his back—at his constantly giving my naked butt spanks—-He never knew other guys caught on to his ‘preference’ for my butt—-It was an odd experience—but in that era would not have gotten a coach into trouble

    1. Thanks for sharing that story from your youth. Things were certainly different back then, and maybe more fun!!

      You are right, it would not have got your coach into trouble them!

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