Crawford, the School Head Boy (Played by Darren) learns a painful lesson from the Deputy Head Master in “The Sixth Formers – something to wine about




A second batch of pictures from Sting’s latest mid length (35 minute) download, set in Coomb Hall College, where four unlucky pupils are given good reason to “wine”. 





Feeling the sting!





Michael King (Tom Nuttall) is punished by the Head Boy Crawford (Darren)















By Bruce

One thought on “The Sixth Formers – Something to Wine About (Part 2)”
  1. Seeing the naughty Sixth Formers getting their smartly clad grey trousered bottoms punished, bared and punished more only reminds me of the Sixth Formers in my school whom I would have loved to punish if there had been CP then – and been punished by them as well 😀

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