David is an extremely popular member of Sting’s one time regular cast, having appeared in many of the UK based productions and also a number of those made after Sting’s move to the Czech Republic

Just turned 18 and a very cute David poses for some cheeky shots at ClubLads

Probably David’s most famous feature is his spectacular bare bottom displayed in its glory in all his movies.
A naked David over the knee in “Approved Education 2”

Receiving the strap in “Borstal Correction 2 – Back inside”

Caught Smoking in ‘Instruments of Persuasion’…

… and paying the penalty!!
An OTK Photo-shoot for ClubLads – when Rich must have spotted the boy’s … ‘ahem’ …potential

A naughty boy, tearful after a good spanking in 
“Instruments of Persuasion Part 2”

“A Sign of the Times” – Sting’s first venture into a modern day spanking story, made excellent use of David’s best feature.

The Martinet scene from ‘Instruments of Persuasion Part 2’

A fresh faced David made one of his first appearances in Tales from ‘St Datchet’s Academy – Gray Shorts 2’ being bullied by  prefects Weaver and Harrington (Brett & James) – Who, readers will be pleased to hear, both get a sore bottomed comeuppance in ‘St Datchets Academy – The Epilogue’

On set with Matt Mills

 Another painful encounter with Brett was in ‘Reformatory USA’

Another teary scene
David on a visit to Prague – still smoking!!

David has appeared in ‘Tales from St Datchet’s Academy – Gray Shorts 2′, ”The Sting Double Bill’ (both parts) ‘My Borstal Days’, ‘Instruments of Persuasion – Parts 1 and 2’. ‘Discipline Down(load) Under’, ‘Borstal Correction 2 – Back Inside’, ‘Reformatory USA’. ‘Approved Education Part 2’, ‘The Bully’, ‘A Sign of Our Times’ and ‘Banged Up – My Bostal Days 2’

The End

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “David – Another Spectacular Bottom”
  1. Delightful one of my favourites try English lads David gets a spanking there as well as something more naughty. thanks for the posing pics.

  2. David is so cute. Love to have a beer with him and give him a cuddle. But he has that amazing bum I would love him to moon me then sit on my face bare arsed. It is perfect I hope he is well and happy a true cutie, sure people find others more sexy I.E. jonathon, tigger etc but David is the one for me, so sexy and not the ‘model’ typr like the Czech’s. a real lads lad best of british. Thanks

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