In anticipation of a forthcoming release set at the beginning of the last century, I thought it would be fun to revisit Sting’s first adventure with Victorian style discipline   

The images below are from Part 2 of the Sting Double Bill, 1900 House of Correction, which follows the first part of Discipline Down Under

Set in England in 1900, the story opens with Henry Eccleston, played by David, arriving at the Carnfield Institute an institutions for the wayward sons of merchants and gentlemen, run by Col. James Templeton Lee, who has very firm ideas as to how to discipline young men. As Henry and his fellow miscreants soon discover …….
First up is Vex, whose misbehaviour earns him a hard bare bottom spanking, across the Colonel’s knee

In a further scene it is young young Barry’s turn to feel the sting, first of a firm hand spanking

The Colonel listens appreciatively to Barry’s punishment, pleased that his staff are getting to the seat of the problem!

Barry’s chastisement is not over ye!!

To Be Continued

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By Bruce

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