Detention 1900

Henry (New Stinglad Bruno Baxter) has found himself in detention with the Headmaster as punishment for his unacceptable behavior.

But alas it appears even this is not a good enough deterrent as whilst alone he damages a book and then launches the pages at the Headmaster which can only lead to one outcome, a very painful conclusion.

So, it’s britches down and over the knee for a damn hard spanking for his despicable behaviour

The spanking is followed by a hard and painful strapping on his already burning bare backside with each crack of the leather strap teaching him to behave and show respect.

Introducing Bruno Baxter



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Title 2257

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Detention 1900”
  1. I am glad that Rich did not waste any time by spanking Bruno Baxter on the seat of his trousers – they offer too much protection. An OTK spanking is best administered on a lad’s underpants and on his bare buttocks. Also, Bruno’s underpants were historically correct but were still tight and skimpy enough to frame his buttocks and thighs in an interesting manner – a gold star for your wardrobe person,
    That said, I wish that Bruno was spanked for a few minutes longer on the seat of his underpants before Rich pulled them down and spanked his bare buttocks.
    Bruno Baxter gasped and grunted a few times during his OTK spanking and strapping, but he should have done that both longer and louder. Also, I wish that Bruno had showed more emotion during his punishment – i.e., more grimacing, crying out in pain, kicking his legs, squirming over the spanker’s lap, reaching back with his hand in a vain attempt to protect his buttocks,etc.
    This is Bruno’s first video. Hopefully he will read this comment and take my suggestions to heart in future videos. Perhaps Tim Ptacek can advise him on how to react to a spanking.

    1. And don’t forget about brat dancing,inability to sit and nursing his poor bottom after.When you walk after spanking like you done 4 sets of a 300lb leg press to failure then you know lesson is learned.

  2. I miss the humiliating spankings of a boy spanked by another boy in front of his family or in any case in front of a laughing audience

  3. Nice looking-lad with a good body who reddens up well. Really liked his cheeky smirk when he launched the the paper ball at Rich. Would have liked to see him having to sit down & complete his detention with shorts & underwear at half-mast, though. I hope we’ll be seeing much more of him in future.

  4. Hi, Bruno has so much possibilities. Please bring him back for a thorough spanking. I agree with Vince about him completing his detention with a bare butt

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