The Video Preview for

Detention 1900

starring Bruno Baxter and Richard O’Shea

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Video Preview

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Detention 1900 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Detention 1900 – in Standard

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Title 2257

By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Video Preview for Detention 1900”
    1. I think spanking on a boys pants is a waste of time .One has to get on with it either you spank on a boy’s underwear or on his bare bottom to make it effective

  1. I am glad that Rich did not waste any time by spanking Bruno Baxter on the seat of his trousers – they offer too much protection. An OTK spanking is best administered on a lad’s underpants and on his bare buttocks. Also, Bruno’s underpants were historically correct but were still tight and skimpy enough to frame his buttocks and upper thighs in an interesting manner; your wardrobe person deserves kudos for that.
    That said, I wish that Bruno was spanked for a few minutes longer on the seat of his underpants before Rich pulled them down and spanked his bare buttocks.
    Bruno Baxter gasped and grunted a few times during his OTK spanking and strapping, but he should have done that both longer and louder. Also, I wish that Bruno had showed more emotion during his punishment – i.e., more grimacing, crying out in pain, kicking his legs, squirming over the spanker’s lap, reaching back with his hand in a vain attempt to protect his buttocks, perhaps even whimpering or crying.
    This is Bruno’s first video. Hopefully he will read this comment and take my suggestions to heart in future videos. Perhaps Tim Ptacek can advise him on how to react to a spanking.

    1. Rich remains my favourite disciplinarian in the Sting stable; I enjoy a substantial age difference between spanker and spankee, which brings with it an authentic air of authority…..

  2. Excellent. Bruno is a big boy with firm butt built for spanking. It also coulours well. We hope to see much more of him, also caning which wil make tramlines show up well on his responsive butt

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