In Part 2 of Police Story, following the sound spanking and belting he gave Johnny (Travis), Constable Catchpole (played by Dexter) is also in trouble
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The evidence of Johnny Britten’s crime, being the drugs, should have been disposed of by the junior Constable using proper procedure, but he failed to do this. The packages were found later in his possession. Now the tables are turned and it’s the young constable who must go over the knee.

Young Catchpole’s has a particularly inviting bare bottom where spanking is concerned and the investigating officer for the case soon has the junior constables butt cheeks turning bright red. 

However, now as the old Sergeant would have done, the young copper is to receive the strap still left nice and pliant from its outing with Johnny Britten.

Catchpole’s burning red cheeks are in for even more punishment now as the old brown belt cracks home.
The bands of fire from the raw leather drawing a deep red on the once blemish free bare bottom. Constable Catchpole is being given lasting message for the future.

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By Bruce

36 thoughts on “Dexter and Travis in “Police Story” (Part 2) – with Preview trailer”
    1. His better as a top I’d by any clip with him as a top but as a bottom no but he looks better topping

  1. Two handsome, muscular, clean-cut guys getting spanked in one video – I had high hopes for this video that were mostly met by the finished product.

    Travis is a rising young Sting star. And it was great to see Dexter back in action on the “receiving end” of a spanking. Both newcomer Travis and veteran Dexter look good in their underwear, and both have firm, round, spankable butts that were very well displayed in this video. And Dexter is NOT too old to be spanked – he can still portray a young athlete or young authority figure (coach, teacher, priest, soldier, policeman, etc.) who needs to be taken down a peg with a good OTK spanking. I also liked the fact that Dexter was spanked on the seat of his gym shorts for a fairly long time (45 seconds) before they were taken down for a bare-bottomed spanking.

    That said, I was a little disappointed with this video in that both Travis and Dexter were too stoic in their response to their punishments. I’m not referring to the grunts, groans, grimaces, etc. – their vocal responses and facial expressions were okay. If they had squirmed, kicked, flinched, etc. a little more while they were being spanked, and the sound of the hand-spanking and belting were a little louder, and Travis’s and Dexter’s buttocks turned a little redder after their spankings, I would have been convinced that these two young guys were actually hurt and humiliated by their punishments.

    In summary, not a great video, but a good one.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Rasputin, With these grown lads, as said before, its sometimes very difficult to get them to squirm and squeal as you might like. Re redness it can often be a problem. While Dexter turns red easily as does Darren, some of the lads like Travis and Rudi do not. Its often pot luck with whoever you are shooting with.

    2. Jonathan, I was thinking of that potential problem when I wrote that remark about the redness of the models’ buttocks. I remember a remark by Brent Stevens that Rich and Rob had problems with his buttocks not staying red long enough for them to shoot a continuation of a spanking scene. You are right, Travis didn’t redden up as much as Dexter. Some guys redden up, and others don’t. Oh well, it’s not that big an issue.

      Actually Dexter was less stoic than usual when he is being spanked. His grunts, groans and facial expressions were okay. However, if he had squirmed kicked, and flinched a bit more over Rich’s lap or over that bench, his performance would have been even better.

      Travis was slightly more demonstrative in his grunts, groans, and facial expressions than was Dexter. All his performance needed was slightly more kicking, squirming and flinching while he was over Dexter’s lap.

      Don’t take my critique as a pan – I liked this video. Travis and Dexter are two very attractive models who look great both with their underwear pulled up and with it pulled down. Their performances are just short of being excellent – just a little more demonstrativeness in their responses to their spankings is all that is needed.

      As for the sound of impact of the spankings, beltings, etc. one can spank the models harder to make the punishment sound more realistic. That is not a big deal when the spanking implement is the open hand – the models aren’t seriously hurt by a hand-spanking. However, when the implement is a cane, paddle, belt, etc. one must take care not to seriously hurt the models. The simplest solution there would be to instruct the models to act in a more demonstrative manner, and to increase the volume of the finished video.

      I repeat – I liked this video, I just didn’t rave about it. Just try a little harder next time, and I’ll rave about it.

  2. Rasputin Rasputin, why are you always looking for faults in Stings videos? I read your comments and each time its “good video but…”, “performances were great but..” This must be so disheartening for a producer to read and I give Sting full marks for biting their tongues each time you comment.

    Some of the things you comment on really are just nitpicking;

    “buttucks turned a little redder after their spankings”. Seriously come on, what are Sting meant to do, thrash the hell out of them till their buttocks meet your standard of redness??? “

    “Sound of the hand-spanking and belting were a little louder” – Again cmon, seriously ?

    Next you’ll be complaining that their briefs were 1.2 mm lower than they should have been or that the spankings were 2 seconds shorter than you would have liked.

    As I said before, Sting must find your constant nitpicking extremely disheartening when they have made GREAT videos such as this one. For once just sit and enjoy the video, instead of spending your time watching it looking for faults.

    1. I’m trying to be specific, Adam, so that they can make their future videos even better. Please note that I stated that I liked some aspects of this video.

    2. And even if they made their future videos even better I am sure you would find something to complain about. Do you not think that your over zealous nit picking is in fact very disheartening for a producer who has put so much time and effort into producing something?

      I’ve yet to ever see a comment on a video where you havent found something wrong. Like I said before, enjoy the videos, and STOP spending your time looking for faults in it. There somes a time when you can whip the horse too much and the horse bites back…. one day that time will come !

    3. “I’ve yet to ever see a comment on a video where you havent (sic) found something wrong.” You obviously haven’t looked very hard, Adam. Look again.

      As you have nothing to do with the production of Sting videos, I won’t bother responding to your future comments on my comments. I’ve tried to explain to you what I am trying to accomplish, you have not listened, and I have wasted enough time with you.

    4. “You obviously haven’t looked very hard, Adam. Look again.”

      Exactly Rasputin, you have to look VERY HARD to actually find a comment where you havent tried to find something wrong with one of Stings videos.

      And you havent botherd to listen to the point I tried to make either. You obviously enjoy wasting your own time trying to find fault with other peoples work. Maybe you have nothing better to do with your time. Get a hobby but please stop constantly criticising Stings work. Their videos are excellent and I really hope they ignore all the rubbish you come out with.

    5. I acutually find this amusing lol every time I read one of Rasputin comments always bitch about sank lol. – Luke

  3. For the sake of free speech , I have allowed the last few comments through, and I will naturally allow Rasputin the right of reply if he wishes to do so.

    However, after that, I think everyone has had their say, and I would be grateful if we could now bring this exchange to a close.

    Thanks for your cooperation

    1. Bruce,

      Thanks for clamping down on the “peanut gallery”.

      I choose to make one final comment on this “Police Story” video. Jonathan said in an earlier post that “With these grown lads, as said before, its sometimes very difficult to get them to squirm and squeal as you might like.” All I ask is that you keep trying, you are getting better. Both Travis and Dexter have gotten the “squeal” part down just about right. All they need to do is improve the “squirm” part.

      Travis was quite good in this video, as usual. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Dexter’s performance. He’s one handsome, muscular dude, but frankly I had given up on him some time ago because of his extreme stoicism in other videos. He shows in this video that he can act after all. Please give him a pat on the back for his performance here.

    2. Bruce, I do have one final question. Hopefully your or somebody at Sting can answer it.

      I have seen a number of Sting models appear in other gay porn videos. What they are required to do in some of those videos is a lot more humiliating and raunchy than what they do in Sting videos.

      I understand that you pay your models the same as the regular porn studios. If they are paid the same rate, why would they object to restrained squirming, grimacing and yelping while taking a spanking when they have to do much worse things for other porn studios?

    3. Why would you want them to feel they have to force moan etc why don’t sting get a builder with big Hard hands to smack there ass they cry then lol I do love a lad to wimp but for me its got yo come natral. Also I pose a question to sting have they even thought of doing the head over hills position seen in stt8hell more ? Be intrestig see I mailey like otk but a little hoh is OK

    4. Hi Rasputin

      Sorry I didn’t respond earlier, however, this week has been very busy and I haven’t spent much time online. I am pleased that you enjoyed Dexter’s performance, I do agree that he did very well. I will pass your compliment on to him.

      Personally I also think Travis shows a lot of promise as he gets more confidence.

  4. Although my personal tastes differ greatly from Rasputin’s, I believe it is important to read his commentary and I thank Bruce and the gang for allowing his posts to be seen.

  5. Rasputin As to your second message, its a difficult one to answer, yes, some of the actors have been in different roles, but Sting are not necessarily seeking to replicate those performances. Corporal punishment is still quite common in Eastern Europe, and the lads feel they should respond in a manly manner.

    1. I’m not rasputin but should sting hit longer harder when I compare to other sites like no way out D4B they get beat although a lot of there stuff goes/went way to far ain’t they meant to earn there money I’m sure it looks red but after few hours there fine. Also longer otk sometimes I like yeah then spankers a STG say get up I’m like really it was getting intense.

    2. If I get your meaning correctly it is an interesting point. In fact in some films like say Borstal Days there are some very hard and long canings and spankings. However, amongst the studio’s making this genre Sting has always concentrated on themes, that what we do best. In fact we are one of the only studios who do this feeling it’s not just about who can hit the hardest but that the films have some depth and meaning to spanking enthusiasts.
      Models and how they look in this industry is important too and sometimes we have to train and build the guys up to heavier stuff. However, here to is another point one studio you mention is now no more because of a too heavy approach to this fetish. This is still an on-going legal case. We always try to stay firmly within the legal platform for this fetish. One reason for leaving the UK is that the law there strictly stipulates that marks should only be trifling. BBFC, their words not ours. Anything more than that and it’s deemed illegal.
      We have always felt that the combination of good sets, costumes, a retro feel to some of the stories is where we are best placed. To that end we continue to produce the films we make.

    3. To be complely honest with you UK is shit and I live there i feel the government etc has to much say in things and its down to the individual at end of day they choose to do so and also if I’m being honest I only like your otk scenes and tend not to like implements at all and also I just buy the clips for the spanking the theme doesn’t bother me although I like the borstal ones at my age I wouldn’t even know what punishments they got back in the day and really couldn’t care I just like seeing a fit lad spanked that’s it I’d prefer modern stuff but as it goes you rarely do that and other studios sometimes lack and I guess it just a case of you can’t have it all which I accept. But for the BBFC I’d say the guys can chose what to do they have free will no one makes them do it they would get told what’s going to happen and that it maybe they should consider stress at work and backstabbers causing pain to people. Assholes

    4. Hi Anon

      Thanks for your comments, you have an interesting view on the matter, the situation certainly is more complicated in the UK. I regret I could not let your second comment through, as it relates to matter which is currently going through the courts in the Czech Republic, and Sting would prefer not to express a view at this time.

    5. Okay that’s fine and you know me Bruce as Luke lol. Still causing bebate as I do on you blogs in a nice way.

  6. Also what do they debate I mean really BBFC all sit in an office with pictures oh his to red she’s too red oh good gosh.

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