Travis McKinnon stars as Johnny Britten in Police Story
Things come to a head when the nephew of the Chief Constable is brought in after being discovered in possession of drugs during a raid at a local club.

Johnny Britten (Travis McKinnon) is a lucky young man. The detective investigating the case knows the score re the lad’s connection and endeavours to find a way out. This could go easy for Johnny but not as easy as he may think. If he takes a hiding, off the record, then the information concerning his involvement could be ‘lost’. Although a more senior lad he agrees and the job of laying on a good spanking is given to Constable Catchpole (Dexter)

The muscular Johnny is ordered over the knee and Catchpole gets to work. Johnny thinks he can take it but this is a bit humiliating being put over the knee of a copper..

.. and what more its beginning to sting more than he thought! Constable Catchpole is in full swing, Johnny’s bare bottom is now red and scorching, the end must come soon but it isn’t actually going to be the end.

The old leather police belt long since put away is brought out of retirement to be once again put to good use. 

That is to scorch the freshly spanked bare bottom of Johnny Britten, ex drug user! Now kneeling with his rounded and well curved backside raised high the belt cracks down! ‘I can take it’ Johnny is now under no illusion, his bare bottom is on fire and it’s a memory he’ll keep with him for some time to come especially when out clubbing again.

To be continued ……

Part two of the pictures, together with the preview video will be posted tomorrow

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Dexter and Travis in “Police Story” (Part 1)”
  1. I’m very disappointed with this video I bought it for Travis OTK with Dexter but there where no wide shots where you can see his socks etc.. The camera was far to close all the time didn’t zoom out why Sting this is annoying and I bought the 1080 HD i’m not happy to be honest. I do want to say that Dexter spanking is damn hot if its filmed right. I want to se the shots you have in the pictures… very annoyed also no crotch shots.

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