Discipline USA 14

If you are a student in trouble, reporting to the Principal’s office is not going to be the highlight of your day! One such lad (Lucas Taylor) is about to undertake that ordeal and its his own undoing that has brought him there.

The Principal is unimpressed by the crude suggestive artwork daubed over the centre pages of a perfectly good text book. The boy needs to learn college property is not for defacing willy-nilly when you feel like it. A good spanking is the only answer to start off with but today that won’t be the end of it!


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The lad can only look on with dread as the old holed wooden paddle is taken out of the desk draw. It now has its painful job to do across this cheeky lad’s smooth rounded, already spanked, bare bottom. The boy of course today deserves all he has drawn to receive!

Lucas Taylor




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  1. Ah, if only! As a former principal, unfortunately we were relegated to paddling fully dressed and fully protected recalcitrant students with a paddle while watched by a same gender witness. I can think of several offenders who would certainly have benefitted from such an over the knee, bare bum spanking immediately followed by a dose of the paddle on bare skin.

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