Discipline USA 9

Discipline USA 9


Knocking on the Coach’s office door is a senior boy, McCormick (Andy Easton) The Coach keeps a list of unruly lads in his little red book. If the entries mount up, due to continual bad behaviour, they have to make a special visit to receive mandatory correction. Today its finally McCormick’s turn.

敲响教练办公室门的是一名高年级男孩,McCormick (Andy Easton)。教练在他的小红本上记录了行为不良学生的名单。如果不良记录持续增加,由于屡教不改,学生们将不得不去拜访办公室,接受强制矫正教育。今天,终于轮到McCormick了。

The coach (James Holt) gets to work and starts by giving this big bad lad a good spanking over his knee.

教练(James Holt)将这名大男孩按在膝盖上,先给了他结结实实一顿巴掌。


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McCormick’s butt seems to be made for whacking, firm and rounded. Its not long before the Coach gets a good stinging rhythm going, much to the intense displeasure and discomfort of the cheeky boy over his lap.


The spanking is just a start of course but the old gym training shoe will finish it! The worn rubber sole of this particular instrument can really scorch an already well spanked rounded rump as McCormick quickly finds out!

的屁股结实又圆润,似乎天生就是用来挨揍的。过了不久,教练颇有节奏的拍打,就给他膝头的男孩制造出强烈的刺痛感,既不愉快又难以忍受。巴掌只是开胃菜,沉重的旧运动鞋才是重头戏 ! McCormick很快发现,运动鞋粗糙的橡胶鞋底可以使他已经被痛揍过一顿的屁股变得火烧火燎!




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3 comments on “Discipline USA 9

  1. A lovely Sunday morning present to see young Andy Easton displaying his gorgeous bottom for discipline.
    He is well spanked and soundly slippered and sets an example how Sting boys should be punished. There is no holding back with the spanking and the slippering too is good but perhaps his well shaped bottom could have taken it a bit harder. He is however with Robin one of the lads who can be properly disciplined. I was also impressed yesterday with the discipline taken by Vitali Kutcher in USA 9 – Vitali has a very cute bottom!!.
    Can I ask the Sting Team to tell Andy to stop growing!!!. I did look back at his first Sting production College Discipline and he has grown quite a lot in the last 2 years.
    The current production is well worth buying and I thank all those concerned.

  2. Andy is a big lad and I think it’s never a bad thing for big lads to know that they are still young enough to have their trousers taken down and be laid over the knee for a good smacked bottom! If a few more of them were reminded of that occasionally, our society might have less of the discipline problems it does!

    As ever, young Andy’s choice of spankingwear is impeccable – a good, short pair of boxer-briefs, the perfect length to frame his bottom beautifully for punishment! And a great colour too – those horizontal stripes really do bring out the roundness and pertness of his very cheeky bottom! And it’s quite right that he has to take his trousers off from the very start – absolutely the way a boy should receive a spanking!

    By all the gods of Spankers’ Heaven, did that slippering not bring back a few very painful memories!

  3. agreed Dr van Spanking a big lad or a tall one at that need reminding that height does not matter even if you are tall you can still be put over a lap for a sound bare bottom spanking and there are a lot of lads out there that need this type of discipline .

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