Discipline USA

Keeping discipline in Greenmount College is a daily duty for the Principle and his college faculty. Seniors often need special attention when they reach the age of ‘I’ll do what I want now’. This doesn’t cut any ice of course and the Principle is always willing to show them the error of their ways when needed.


Senior student Eugene Warner (Karl Frazer) is in deep water having been caught infringing the strict rules with regard to the girls dormitories and social area. Its only a lads natural urge kicking in but he knows that certain boundaries shouldn’t be crossed which of course he’s managed to do.


He now has to face the wrath of the Deputy Principle, Mr Sharpe (Marco) and this time he’s going to be on the receiving end of the Deputy’s ex reformatory strap.


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The sting of this heaving leather persuader and a good spanking to follow should impress a new sense of discipline in to the hapless young Eugene.







In Part 2 Mr Sharp teaches a second student (played by Joey White) the error of his ways


By Bruce

One thought on “Discipline USA (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. One of my favourite spanking positions is the traditional bending over with knees slightly bent so the butt is shoved up and out, and to see MY Latest obsession KARL FRASER doing is just incredibly exciting for me. Ooooooh Karl is just insanely SEXY with his gorgeous bum and sultry masculinity
    He is utterly divine !!!!!! I totally adore the way he carries himself and the way he bends. Sooooo HOT Im on fire. Sting has played out my deepest erotic feelings in this scene with Karl. Thank you and please let me see more and more of him. Ofcourse Joey is another legend of male beauty that is simply always HOT. But right now Karl has me climbing the wall!!!!!!

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