Discipline USA

Scene two


Chatting up the Principles daughter in a far too familiar way soon gets Matt Colby (Joey Whyte) into trouble.

The boss sends him off for a serious meeting with his Deputy, Mr Sharpe. He’s already late for this so things aren’t looking too good for Colby. It’s well known that the Deputy Principle doesn’t suffer foolish boys easily.

It isn’t long before young Matt feels the full and stinging force of the strict Deputy’s authority! Treated like a naughty little boy, Colby goes over the teacher’s knee for a spanking. And that’s just the start …..


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The spanking is even more painful and humiliating on Colby’s bare bottom





Next up, the paddle!

All on his now pre spanked throbbing and well reddened bare butt!








The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube shortly


By Bruce

13 thoughts on “Discipline USA (Part 2 of 2) – Plus Video Preview”
  1. I just love this video. Joey Whyte is so handsome, its a joy to watch him getting spanked and paddled! And who couldn’t empathize with that sly grin on Marco’s face as he picks up the paddle. Hee Hee!

    And as for those shorts Joey is wearing, they had to be made with Spanking in mind.

  2. This comment is in regards to Joey’s OTK spanking scene.

    I am always excited by Joey’s appearance because he is one of Stings top models and an exclusive one at that so seeing gorgeous Joey is always a treat.

    Joeys spanking was brilliant and I loved that Joey was made to stand up and remove his trousers then again remove his underwear then go back OTK it makes a nice change to see this. I think it also gives the model a reality check of what is actually happening. It’s very hot seeing a guy pull down his own underwear to expose himself to get his bum smacked 😁. Marco did a good job as always at spanking hard but you’d expect nothing less when you see him in action and Joey has the most sexy facial expressions ever… I love how he scrunches up his little nose in pain and there was loads of good face shots in this one. Another thing I love about Joey is he is a puncher – it turns me on hearing him punch the floor clearly he is very angry about being spanked it wasn’t captured in this particular scene but you could hear him… poor Joey! I think that Joey felt every smack of Marco’s hand and I loved how when it got a little intense for Joey he started to move around on Marco’s lap briefly but Marco made no mistake to hold him back in place. I wish the spanking included “Rapid Fire” 👋👋👋 🔥 maybe it would break Joey to tears (sorry to sound sadistic). Also the shots of Joey walking across the room rubbing his bum fully nude from the side was beautiful and very hot.

    Ps. Those white briefs really looked incredible on Joey they sculpted his arse and those amazing thigh’s if his incredibly. Also his clothing was left around his ankles, I know people have asked for it and again it happens here if your interested in that. I do think it’s hot seeing a guys underwear around there ankles but also I like them completely naked at times as well. A mixture of both now and then is good.

  3. I loved this film! All of my favorite Actors! I love Karl’s “rough-neck” defiance and Joey’s “ah-sucks” swagger. Their attitude is in perfect need of adjustment. I always love when Sting does an American paddling film, but just one thing though (if you don’t mind) – if you’re interested in truly capturing the American Paddling experience of – say the 1970s/1980s – (back in my day, in New York) the pants would be paddled then you’d be made to drop trou and get paddled on briefs then paddled bare backside. And you were made to say “thank you, sir” or something of the kind, if not after every swat then certainly after the paddling was over. The swats were also much harsher – no preparatory pat-pat-pat then swat – so they could be clearly heard by students outside the office waiting their turn, or passing by in the hallway. In my previous comment posts I have always dotted on the actors who were getting spanked, but please let me give my praise to Macro. Marco is quite gifted. I am very grateful for his work. What makes him special is the little details he gives to his performance. I love how Marco “fixes” the underpants – especially when you can hear the “snap” of the elastic – and how he rolls up his sleeves, wipes his brow. In one film Marco even placed his reading glasses onto the back of the delinquent, caught his breath, put back on his glasses and resumed spanking. That was CLASSIC! If I could suggest, maybe Marco could be even more fastidious – remove any stray threads from their underpants, or comment disparaging on their choice/condition of their underpants. That would be a laugh. I love humor mixed into the fray. And lastly, to refer back to a previous comment left by Uncle Don – Marco’s sly grin was wonderful. I love to catch sight of a man who enjoys, even in a “professional setting”, giving a spanking. There are times in other films where you can catch the actor Travis with a mischievous grin as he is dishing out the punishment. No harm no foul in enjoying your work! Luke is also well spotted when he commented on Joey’s underpants. Lovely. I wished you chose to dress your actors in a variety of the classic white brief – and maybe a skimpier pair. The 1970s gave us the most interesting of underpants to choose from in my opinion. Those bikini briefs – they were just asking for spanking.

  4. I do agree with some stuff you mentioned about Marco he is excellent…. he is Sting’s very own caviar for sure he has learnt well and picked up on a lot of little things along the way. Although I’m not really keen on the grinning myself it takes away form Marco’s stern attitude and approach that his built for himself. There was a clip that Sting did with Joey called “Pants On Fire” grinning fit into that clip because it was humorous from the get go. I guess I prefer things to be serious but that’s my kink and what turns me on.

    I’m glad everyone is enjoying Joey’s underwear as much as I did. 😜

  5. Oh dear, there’s a FEMALE in this clip. I am sorry to the commentator above that we offend his eyes so much. Maybe we should all crawl back into our kitchen’s, tie ourselves to our sinks and not be seen ha ha !! I very seldom ever comment but the commentator above really should consider his wording more carefully. I thought was this 2018 not 1918.

    On the positive side Joey is lovelly and I really like his clips, He takes his spanking so well and is one of Sting’s best actors. Don’t ever lose him !

    1. Hi Julie
      Thanks for your comment, I assure you that Sting intends to make every effort possible not to lose the lovely Joey!

      With regard to the earlier comment, I don’t think that the previous commentator intended to cause offence in any way, People can be very protective of their fetishes and their fantasies and can find changes to the formula difficult to cope with. I understand why that it, and this is one reason why when I post Sting CFNM updates, I post them behind a “read more” tab, so that nobody’s fantasies are spoilt.

      However, there are a growing number of women who follow this blog, and who enjoy Sting’s movies, and you are very welcome.

    2. Hi again Julie
      Thank you for your latest comment, which has been noted, and I confirm that I have taken the action you suggest.

      With your permission I would like to contact you offline , if you would please confirm that this is acceptable to you.


  6. Hello Julie

    My comment was not meant to be disrespectful or to disregard women in anyway I had no intention to do that when I wrote the comment it is merely that I am turned on by the interaction of men only as a gay man having the woman in the clip pondered my overall enjoyment slightly but that does not mean that I dislike women. A few of my favourite people to have ever lived are women. I have a famous females name tattooed on my wrist so I love women and idolize them just not in a sexual way

  7. May I ask a silly question – why is there (almost always) the preparatory pat-pat-pat then swat/cane/hairbrush – is that a tech thing to prepare the actor? Also there always seems to be a bit of a rush from pants to underpants as if the film makers are hurrying to the bare bottom – is that because the majority of your audience wants to see the complete redding of the backside? Personally I love the build up of the scene. Wish there were more in formal business dress. Guys bending over in a business suit is very nice. Can I please request more films were a bully is being punished? Back in my day, when CP was given with pride in the schools (still is in over 20 states) I was only cruelly bullied when I was in a school that did NOT allow CP – it was as if the bullies were kept at bay only by the worry of the paddle. Also, if I may add, I love the few revenge spanking/paddling films you have made. Could you make more please.

  8. Again I agree with some of Lukes comments about Joey .Hes expressions his walk and his stunning good looks are wonderful eye candy! I think Joey and Karl are both WILDFiRE STUDS in my opinion. Disciplibe USA is pure fabulous adrenaline!

  9. I quite liked that Joey was checking out a female just before he got his hiding. While I dont like females getting involved in actual spanking I ve always found it very sexy if a guy is spanked shortly after or before an encounter with a female.

  10. Upon further reflection I do stand by what I said.

    I do not want to see a female in a male on male spanking clip at all. I have come to the conclusion this has nothing to do with not liking women it is not even the topic of the conversation actually and like I said above as someone misunderstood my comment it wasn’t meant that way. What I will say is if a man appeared in a lesbian clip/production which “supposedly” and “expectedly” had an “all girl” cast then people would be complaining for sure. The thing is its not about offending the opposite sex as explained above but I’m entitled to be open about my opinion and sexual gratification as I have been for yesrs It’s one thing to have females appear in CFNM but I do not want to see them in Gay/MM spanking (depending on how you view it).

    I’m glad that you liked it Jonathan and agree with my comment (partly) but I cannot sit here and lie I would have got more pleasure if the female was not featured in the first place. This is really about fantasy more than reality and not having the illusion spoiled for whatever that reason may be mine is having an all male cast.

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