Driven Crazy

When Marco parks up his car and while walking way accidentally drops the key John (Andy Easton) sees an opportunity. Time for a bit of joyriding. Unfortunately, as ever, his plans run amuck.

Now this cheeky young chap has to answer to Macro!

Back in the kitchen its time for a reckoning. John doesn’t have much of an excuse so Marco decides some form of punishment is definitely needed. The strap… but first, this time, he’s going to make sure not the slightest thing gets in they way of the cruel leather lash. John’s bottom will be shaved for punishment!

He orders the boy up on to the kitchen table, face down, backside raised. The strap whistles down and the lad instantly feels the biting sting of leather on his defenceless bare bottom.


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The strapping burns but its the spanking to follow that will really round of a scorching session for John, all received on his well rounded but now very sore bare bottom!




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Driven Crazy – in Standard Definition


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One thought on “Driven Crazy”
  1. What a treat it is to see Andy’s bottom feel the humiliating tingle of the razor! My my, his boyish features are on full display here — how delightful! Next time can we please see Andy punished in his room (on the bed)? Thank you for continuing to provide excellent videos during this turbulent time.

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