There have been various further updates to the Sting Lads Only Fans Page including behind the scenes videos and image galleries. A further update is scheduled for tomorrow, Easter Monday

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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Stinglads Only Fans”
  1. Good stuff! I understand Czech a little, so I’m even more happy watching these films. Thank you for another movie with Austin. I’d love to watch one more with Robin, for example making of “You Two!” or “Tone It Down” or “Driving Me Crazy”. I would also be grateful for more Austin films, for example “Dexter Does Austin” or “Austin Feels The Sting”. When I watch them, I wonder if they even like spanking a bit in private …

  2. I have just joined Stinglads Only Fans and spent a brilliant evening exploring the site!

    I have to say, guys, it was worth the joining fee just to see the clip about the making of ‘Austin feels the sting!’ He is so unbelievably spankable in those navy-blue boxer-briefs! If I had him over my knee in those knix, I don’t think I’d know where to stop!

    1. Thanks PetChiast and Dr van Spanking. I am glad you are enjoying Only Fans, Sting seek to keep it a fun place to visit, with lots of spankable bare bottoms (and of course, pants for the Doctor!!)

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