Driving Me Crazy

Guess who’s in trouble again!!

Marco’s attention is suddenly drawn by a heavy thump outside! He can hardly believe his eyes when he see’s its his car on impact that’s made the unfortunate noise. Who’s driving it? None other than pesky young Robin of course and frankly he shouldn’t be. No permissions have been given and its not insured for him either!

Time to rein in this raving youngster yet again. Will he never learn!

The only thing he’ll be driving is Marco and that’ll be crazy with all his antics.


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Still If Marco can make that bottom of his too sore to sit in a car driving seat for a while it might have some effect.


There’s always his heavy leather belt waiting for action and its high time Robin got another hard spanking on his rounded and raised bare bottom!













By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Driving Me Crazy”
  1. Another great performance from Robin and I would highly recommend the purchase to all Robin fans.
    Great shots of belt over tight fitting shorts and bare bottom plus a quick fire 6 on the bare.
    I could watch this great young man being disciplined all day on his wonderful smooth bottom, especially as he always has his tackle hanging down between his legs.

    1. Thanks Michael, I am glad you enjoyed the video and Robin’s performance. He is becoming a talented performer who can take a hard spanking

  2. Technical Question: There isn’t the standard branded title page on my download, the opening seems go directly to Robin in the kitchen mid-entrance. Is this how it’s supposed to be or did I get a bad download?

    1. Hi HRH

      It is the same on my copy, so I imagine it is deliberate, I will check with Sting.

      It does not effect the video content, as you get to see the full action which starts with the incorrigible Robin entering the kitchen and “borrowing” Marco’s car keys.

  3. I’m desperately looking for information if Sting Pictures issues any “behind the scenes” video or picture set of Robin. He has become so popular that is worth making such a video.

  4. I love the scene when Robin had to take the belt out of the drawer and give it to Marco. It was great. His face and look before spanking and during spanking are so enjoyable and amusing. I like the way how Robin strips off, spreads his legs and reacts to spanking. I think he has many acting skills and I’d like to see him in some more videos, for example:

    – He again could get spanked together with the other boy or boys (belting or caning). I still remember a good video “Bodge & Sharper”!

    – The boys could be a bit shy of stripping off in front of each other so they cover themselves with hands. But then Marco should order them to stand straight with hands along the sides.

    – Marco should start with hand OTK spanking.

    – Then both of the boys stand in the corner. Marco announces how many strokes with belt they will receive. I suggest to let the boys to choose belt. For instance Robin selects stronger belt (razor strap?) and receives 12 solid strokes. The other boy selects thin belt and receives 24 strokes.

    – I think it would be great if they count their strokes loudly.

    – Robin – as more experienced – takes his belting like a man and laughs at his partner. Marco notices it and Robin must take some more – for example with cane. We watched something like this in “Skool Daze Detention” but the caning scene was too short.

    – After all Robin and the other boy could compare their marks, comment who was brave enough. I know this is not the Hornet but please let them touch their bums each other and even get some stiffy.

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