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The Sixth Formers Imperfect Prefects


Mark Jackson (Oscar Hart) is a youthful sixth former but always seems to be causing an upset after lights out in the dormitory. Tired of this his Housemaster, Mr Volny (Johan Volny) decides to take direct action!

This cheeky pup is going over the knee to have his bare bottom spanked raw, that way he might see some sense next time he wants to lark around.


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Mr Volny’s scorching palm has made a good effect on young Mark’s backside but it’s the India rubber gym slipper that will finally burn some manners in to this badly behaved youth. Grabbing his ankles his rounded little backside thrust out all the lad can do now is yelp and the Housemasters slipper crack’s firmly home.




And there are still more naughty boys to be dealt with!

Mr Graves is on his late night dormitory check and unfortunately for one lad Crowley (Rudi Vallance) he is caught puffing on a cigar almost certainly purloined from the staff room. Mr Graves, a total non-smoker, is not amused and gives Crowley a hiding there and then. Crowley is also a member of the football team, a respected sports boy and should know better.



His muscular and well-rounded bare bottom is turned a scorching red by the master but now he dispatches Crowley off to bring back the cane. Once more the lad’s backside is thrust out and the cane thwipps home!



The stinging biting stripes from the wicked rattan instantly give Crowley something to think about, giving up casual smoking is certainly high on the list!




Unfortunately Robert Barclay didn’t take his cue to behave the first time after a spanking from Mr Graves. Now thoroughly tired of this senior boy’s antics the Head orders the birch to be laid on.



Straddling the gym horse like the cannon on a warship Barclay grits his teeth and the well soaked birch cuts down. Its supple twigs, like red hot wires, burning painful waves of much needed discipline in to this insolent sixth former’s defenceless bare bottom.  

Maybe in time these imperfect prefects will become perfect after all!

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